Flash File Larger Than 120MB

  • Hi all

    What is the fix for successfully flashing a file bigger than 120MB that won't just get stuck on the FLSH? Or what is the max standard size that will work?

    Doing back up of Open ATV 6.1 and think the Service App is bringing up the size more than my normal back ups so coming in at 121MB

    Deleted a few small things and still wont flash at 118MB. Base file size of OpenATV around 100MB


  • Deleted a few small things and still wont flash .had something the same as yourself

    so what i did was

    made a new folder

    opened my backup and sent the sh1 folder to new folder renamed the new folder to zgemma

    and flashed box that worked for me but the file was 115mb

  • use atv software manger

    Flash online

    Local (choose the correct location either the USB stick or hard drive)

    Choose backup

    And the image will flash the backup of any size.

    You can even compress the backup into a zip file.

  • Thanks guys

    I had done the local flash successfully already but was hoping there was a way to get it to work direct from the USB, at least I know now only the local method will work for it !Thanks again

    From what i remember it is an issue with the older Zgemma's (and all other sh1 type boxes)

    Yes it is a bit annoying and has been a long standing issue for several years....

    i used to just make a simple backup (after going through the initial setup process) on a usb stick,

    then when needed, flash the simple image by usb stick (it should be less than 120mb if simple lol)

    Copy the larger back up on to another USB stick, plug that in (it will normally automount on ATV if the box is still turned on)

    And then use the above online flash method from post number 3

    Glad your sorted