• *** updated 21/12/2018 ***

    JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 3.08

    A plugin to allow the easy creation of bouquets for IPTV playlists.

    You can also select the individual categories to create the bouquets for. No need to import hundreds of channels that you do not need.

    *New* UK Iptv channels EPG will be populated from epg importer rytec sources. So you can get UK epg even if your provider doesn't have one.

    *New* Now has the ability to update your created bouquets whether automatically or manually.

    *New* you can now also use External M3U urls and Local M3U files.

    Important. If updating from a previous version. ALWAYS - Delete All Jedi IPTV Bouquets before trying to use the latest version.

    Note to IPTV providers: I will not be making any personal versions of this plugin that embeds hidden IPTV details into it. So no need to keep asking.

    There is nothing in the code that references or will reference any provider. There are no free channels or streams provided in the plugin.
    Users have to source and enter their own details into this plugin.

    My plugin is based on xtream codes, if your service uses none standard api calls, or you have removed standard api calls, then unfortunately my plugin will probably not be compatible with your service.


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    Main Menu

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    Add Playlist/Edit Playlists (text button for virtual keyboard)

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    User Info (info button)

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    Create Bouquets (Channel up button)

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    Choose Bouquet Categories

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    Channel Select

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    EPG will be brought in for providers that have set custom sids and xmltv files. Not All providers do.

    How to install

    FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.

    OpenATV install instructions

    • Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
    • memory/tmp
    • Press ok on the package
    • press green to install.

    Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.


    OpenVix install instructions

    • Menu > setup > VIX > Ipkg install
    • memory/tmp
    • Press ok on the package
    • press green to install.

    Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.


    How to use

    The program works in one of two ways.

    1) Via a playlists.txt file. Where you can copy and paste all your playlist urls

    Now supports standard xtream iptv playlists, External Urls that return m3u playlists or Local MP3s

    Currently this playlists.txt file live here.


    you can change this file location to anywhere you like via the settings.



    2) or you can manually enter your details via the playlists/add playlist.

    You then need to create your channel bouquets.

    On creating a bouquet... playlists....Ok Button (TV button also works as an alternative)

    This will also then create a xmltv file for use with epg importer plugin

    Known Problems

    Some VOD categories are huge. This may take a long time to populate the list and look like your box has froze. If you are patient. It will eventually show all of them.
    (This really shouldn't be a problem anymore unless your VOD list is mammoth)

    This plugin uses the newer iptv api. Some older/crappier providers will not be compatible.

    In my testing only 3 out of 25 different world wide iptv providers i tested didn't use this newer api.
    (a work around to this is to load the playlist as an external m3u file)

    An invalid URL in your playlists.txt will slow down the initial load of playlists as it tries to validate its existance.

    It is recommended you remove/edit any broken URLs as soon as you have confirmed they are actually no longer active.

    Not Working / Not coded (yet)

    Built in player. Streams are viewed via bouquets only at the moment.

    If you are trying this plugin. Feedback is welcome, feedback is needed. Likes and beers are always appreciated. :thumbup:






  • FAQs

    Q) How do I change the location of my playlists.txt file.

    If setting your own playlists.txt location in this plugin.

    It can be quite confusing as its slightly different behaviour than expected.

    Click OK on the setting

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    locate the folder/location you wish to use.

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    Then press green button to choose it when its highlighted. Don't press OK to go into that location (which is what I would expect to do)

    Q) I do not have the option to select individual categories. I have only got LIVE and VOD?

    Unfortunately, each provider differs. It is impossible to write rules for how each provider categorises its data. My program is designed as a catch all. It isn't designed for a specific provider

    Because at the moment, we are just creating bouquets, all I can do is group everything how the provider categorises things.
    In your case, it seems he is categorising by country for LIVE, and categorising by type in VOD.

    Q) My playlist crashes the box when I try to create a bouquet.
    Unfortunately not all IPTV lists are the same. I have tested many and programmed in lots of rules to catch errors.
    If you can Private message me the relevant part of your crash log. Then I may be able to fix your specifc error.

    crash logs live at /home/root/logs

    Q) Would you have any plans to include epg and fanart for the VOD section? like plex or XtreamTv
    As my plugin is a bouquet creator and not a iptv player, it is not possible to bring these things into bouquets.
    They can only be brought in if I made a custom player.

    Q) i have my own list.m3u ,,,,,stored on my server,,,,is it possible for jedi player to read this file and create a bouquet on my sat box.

    This should be available from release v2.10 hopefully.

    Q) If you have 2 iptv providers, do you have to create to 2 playlists.....

    Yes - or manually combine them on your computer and use as a local M3U file.

    Q) How can I edit channels....

    You cannot edit individual channels in a category group. Its complicated enough selecting categories without also going a branch further into channels. All you can do is select which categories you wish to include in your bouquets.

    If you wish to change the categories in your bouquets, just create a new bouquet for that playlist and select unselect the ones you want.

    If you really want to streamline your channels once you have created your category bouquets, you can probably manually edit your bouquet files that live in /etc/enigma2 on your box. These will keep coming back though if you have auto update on.

    Q) The plugin slows down a lot when creating Series categories.

    Series is processed slightly differently than live and vod. I need to download a large file to get all the information which can be slow.

    Q) My provider has a different EPG address to the one that is shown by your plugin

    My plugin will try show an xmltv epg address based on a standard format.
    On creating your bouquets you can edit this value (text button) to be whatever you want. It will remember this setting for future bouquets creation or updates.

    Q) Can I create bouquets for live / vod / series separately.

    As of version 3.00. Yes creating seperate bouquets doesn't now delete unchecked groups.

    Q) I am trying to load a local/external M3U file. But it's returning nothing.

    My plugin will only pick up local m3u files with the extension .m3u

    Make sure you set the local M3U location in settings and place your M3U file in that location.

    My plugin will only read local .m3u files and external URLs for M3U that follow the standard format which looks like something below.


    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="" group-title="", Channel Name

    Please login to see this link.



    #EXTINF:-1 , Channel Name

    Please login to see this link.

    Q) My playlist shows green, I create my bouquets, but nothing plays.

    When setting up bouquets you have the option to select the stream type. For example it defaults at 4097. If your streams are not playing try the alternative stream type. For example 1.

    Q) My playlist is now showing as red and unavailable.

    Most providers have some downtime as they update there servers. Leave it a short while and see if it turns green again.

    If its still red several hours later, contact your provider, its nothing to do with the plugin.

    Q) How to remove the jedimakerxtream plugin.

    Go into plugins... remove plugins... extensions...

    If that doesn't fully work ftp into your box and delete this folder.


    Q) I am selecting series but no series bouquets are being created.

    Not all providers have series.

    I use a standard xtream codes api to populate series to prevent flooding your providers server. Unfortunately some providers have removed this api so series will not be built. Its their problem if the don't make things EZ.

    Q) When I run the plugin I get error "No categories selected".

    by default all catogories are not selected. You need to click ok on each category you want to create bouquets for.

    Some skins are poorly designed and missing the graphics to show the checkboxes next to each category. So its not obvious you need to click on the categories.
    ** from v3.04 onwards the plugin no longer uses the nstalled skin graphics for this.

    Q) The box crashes all the time now when I try to open a web url it worked very well before.

    There are many reason a web url might not work. Bad URL, Blocked URL, Banned IP address.
    Have you actually tried it in VLC player to see if it actually still works.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • A few thank you posts that I have combined into one, to keep this thread reasonable clean.

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done for this one KiddaC.

    just wanted to say thanks to KiddaC for this plugin

    its the best one i've used, top work mate :thumbup:

    Great plugin thank's, it works very well on GB quad plus and openATV

    works great on zgemma

    I must say that this plugin is brilliant compared to the others I tried.

    It is so simple and quick I didn't realise it had actually worked until I checked my bouquets!

    Well done KiddaC :thumbup:

    Thanks KiddaC, just bought you a beer, as a thank you.

    Hi KiddaC

    With OpenBlackHole 4.1.033 OK :thumbup:


    thanks KiddaC ,,,,, works perfect,,,,reading and updating from my standard m3u list stored on my web server.,,,,,,,

    Sincerest Thanks for all your work mate , i have followed your progress with this.

    as we know in the future, its likely we will see the demise of UK cable c/s ,

    this plugin takes putting IPTV on to e2 boxes to another level, it's so clear to use and with Fantastic results and anyone who does not have it is missing out,

    This is how everyone will be viewing and setting up there bouquets in my opinion 👌👌👌

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • What is the difference between jedi maker xtream and XC plugin.

    Jedi maker xtream creates bouquets (folders) of all your iptv channels. You view your channels via these bouquets in channel select screen (tv button). My program is very light weight due to existing components doing most of the work.

    XC plugin, is an IPTV player. Where it plays the streams via the plugin. The added benefit of this is you can get film art, picons, descriptions etc. And the streams are brought in on load, so no need to update. Because this is all done via the plugin, it means a lot more code, I wouldn't really say it was bloated though.

    Suls m3utobouquets plugin is similar to my plugin, where as it creates bouquets of your streams, but in a different way than mine does.

    (other plugins are available :) )

    You don't have to stick with one. Install them all and play-around.

    Stream Types

    er.. your box can play streams in various different ways. I don't know specifics, but out of the box, you can player a stream as type 1(dvb), 4097(iptv).

    Depending on your provider streams one might work better than the other. Just experiment between the 2.

    There are also 3rd party add ons that let you view streams slightly differently. i.e service app and gstreamer. You have to manually install these, and then my plugin will pick up they are installed and offer these options in the stream choice. I personally find no use for them, other people do.

    to install these services you need to do something like this in putty/telnet.

    opkg update

    opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-serviceapp exteplayer3 ffmpeg

    opkg install ffmpeg exteplayer3 enigma2-plugin-extensions-serviceapp

    opkg remove gstplayer

    opkg install gstplayer

    but then you will have to do further research how to setup them up properly. As its not my forte.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • hi bud this is a great plugin .but unfortunately my provider won't allow m3u from his server and extreamtv can be a pain .can you edit your plugin to add a mac address .thank

    Please login to see this link.

    Is this any use?

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Hi Sir KiddaC really it's a perfect plugin but I wish 2 when we use a vod as a movie how to advanced and turn back in duration's movie in other multimedia plugins as IPTV PLAYER or TSMEDIA we use the 3 and 6 and 9 buttons to advance otherwise we use 1 and 4 and 7 buttons to turn back

  • Loving it :) works fine on osmega running one of the latest openhdf nightlies. One question my provider recently changed how series were structured so instead of all episodes under the series name they added season subcategories. Is there a way of coercing jedi to pick those up? At the moment all series bouquets are empty because of that

  • Derzwen. A couple of providers are removing the get.php api from their servers, thinking it stops people brute forcing their sites. Which is actually a load of crap., because get.php isn't needed to hack their sites.

    My plugin requires this api to get series.

    You can test this in a windows browser to see if your provider has stopped get.php.


    if it downloads a playlist then your provider will be fine in my plugin.

    If you just get a blank screen, with no download then you cannot get series in my plugin the current way its coded.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Right! I have spent the last couple of hours investigation a certain provider.

    I cannot find an alternative other than flooding there server with 220 consecutive server calls to get all the series data. Can't do that as there is very much a chance of getting banned. And I did actually code my plugin up this way earlier on, but I was getting too many of my test lines banned including having my ip address banned several times. (good job its dynamic)

    I have been experimenting with quite a few of their apks in an android emulator and using a url snooper to see if there is anything showing up which i don't already know. Unfortunately there isn't. They load this data one at a time when a series group is clicked on. Thats no good for creating bouquets.

    Therefore sometime in the new year I might start a new project of actually creating a new standalone enigma2 iptv player.

    Obviously Lululla has his XC plugin that he has spent a considerable amount of time on, but I am sure together we can create something new and fresh. Taking some of the ideas from jedi and some of the ideas from xc plugin and creating a simple and easy to use player. That was originally the plan when I started this project back at the end of February, but my bouquet creation worked really well so I switched focus to bouquets rather than a player.

    My knowledge of python coding and enigma2 plugins has moved on considerable since then, so maybe early next year is time for this new player project.

    Then again I might just disappear into the hills in the new year and have a quiet life. I will get bored though when I have finished freshing up my skins.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Best install on my box Ive ever had mate thank you!!!

    It is not who's in front of you,But who stands behind you that matters!

  • Post by DANNYPS4 ().

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  • Well if the latest files don't work on oe2.5 images then unfortunately it's not going to be fixed.
    Seagen tried his hardest trying to make this work on old legacy images. There will be no more tweaks trying to get this to work on problem images.

    The only thing going to be amended now is any bug fixes highlighted.

    Its christmas.. put yourself out of your misery and buy a newer box and install a descent image. Best £100 you will ever spend.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Either add it manually if its an external m3u list by clicking playlists ... add playlist ... then change "select playlist type to "M3U File"

    If its a downloaded file just copy the file into "/etc/enigma2/jediplaylists" location on your box

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Wonderfull work :-)

    Thank you KiddaC

    Works perfectly on Octagon SF8008 with Latest SatDreamGr Images 6

    Octagon SF4008, SatDreamGr 6.0 OSCam, Ncam

    STAB HH120, Triax TD110

    5.0 W, 0.8 W, 4.8E, 13E, 19.2E, 28.2E

  • For any openvix uses that have downloaded a new build recently.

    I have just found out that a couple of months ago they decided to totally break the virtual keyboard in everyone skins other than their own.

    I have absolutely no plans whatsoever to change my skins to incorporate this mess. In fact in future skin releases of mine I will be overriding this component.

    So if you are using any of my skins with this plugin, and you use the virtual keyboard to edit things, then just download the openatv virtualkeyboard and place it in this location on your box.



    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

KiddaC Skins and Plugins

KiddaC Skins and Plugins. slyk-1-hd, v-skin-hd, slyk-q-hd, slyk onyx enigma2 skins and Jedi Maker Xtream.