• *** updated 13/11/2018 ***

    JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 3.03

    A plugin to allow the easy creation of bouquets for IPTV playlists.

    You can also select the individual categories to create the bouquets for. No need to import hundreds of channels that you do not need.

    *New* Now has the ability to update your created bouquets whether automatically or manually.

    *New* you can now also use External M3U urls and Local M3U files.

    Important. If updating from a previous version. ALWAYS - Delete All Jedi IPTV Bouquets before trying to use the latest version.

    Note to IPTV providers: I will not be making any personal versions of this plugin that embeds hidden IPTV details into it. So no need to keep asking.

    There is nothing in the code that references or will reference any provider. There are no free channels or streams provided in the plugin.
    Users have to source and enter their own details into this plugin.

    My plugin is based on xtream codes, if your service uses none standard api calls, or you have removed standard api calls, then unfortunately my plugin will probably not be compatible with your service.

    Note this plugin does not work as is on a clone dm800 , black hole image , v4,7

    We are currently trying to make a work around for this . The attachment below for blackhole, might fix your problems.

    Make sure you backup your existing python components before replacing them with these alternative versions.


    Please login to see this attachment.

    Main Menu

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    Please login to see this attachment.


    Please login to see this attachment.

    Add Playlist/Edit Playlists (text button for virtual keyboard)

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    Please login to see this attachment.

    User Info (info button)

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Create Bouquets (Channel up button)

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Choose Bouquet Categories

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Channel Select

    Please login to see this attachment.

    EPG will be brought in for providers that have set custom sids and xmltv files. Not All providers do.

    How to install

    FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.

    OpenATV install instructions

    • Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
    • memory/tmp
    • Press ok on the package
    • press green to install.

    Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.


    OpenVix install instructions

    • Menu > setup > VIX > Ipkg install
    • memory/tmp
    • Press ok on the package
    • press green to install.

    Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.


    How to use

    The program works in one of two ways.

    1) Via a playlists.txt file. Where you can copy and paste all your playlist urls

    Now supports standard xtream iptv playlists, External Urls that return m3u playlists or Local MP3s

    Currently this playlists.txt file live here.


    you can change this file location to anywhere you like via the settings.



    2) or you can manually enter your details via the playlists/add playlist.

    You then need to create your channel bouquets.

    On creating a bouquet... playlists....Ok Button (TV button also works as an alternative)

    This will also then create a xmltv file for use with epg importer plugin

    Known Problems

    Some VOD categories are huge. This may take a long time to populate the list and look like your box has froze. If you are patient. It will eventually show all of them.
    (This really shouldn't be a problem anymore unless your VOD list is mammoth)

    This plugin uses the newer iptv api. Some older/crappier providers will not be compatible.

    In my testing only 3 out of 25 different world wide iptv providers i tested didn't use this newer api.
    (a work around to this is to load the playlist as an external m3u file)

    An invalid URL in your playlists.txt will slow down the initial load of playlists as it tries to validate its existance.

    It is recommended you remove/edit any broken URLs as soon as you have confirmed they are actually no longer active.

    Not Working / Not coded (yet)

    Built in player. Streams are viewed via bouquets only at the moment.

    If you are trying this plugin. Feedback is welcome, feedback is needed. Likes and beers are always appreciated. :thumbup:







  • FAQs

    Q) How do I change the location of my playlists.txt file.

    If setting your own playlists.txt location in this plugin.

    It can be quite confusing as its slightly different behaviour than expected.

    Click OK on the setting

    Please login to see this attachment.

    locate the folder/location you wish to use.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Then press green button to choose it when its highlighted. Don't press OK to go into that location (which is what I would expect to do)

    Q) I do not have the option to select individual categories. I have only got LIVE and VOD?

    Unfortunately, each provider differs. It is impossible to write rules for how each provider categorises its data. My program is designed as a catch all. It isn't designed for a specific provider

    Because at the moment, we are just creating bouquets, all I can do is group everything how the provider categorises things.
    In your case, it seems he is categorising by country for LIVE, and categorising by type in VOD.

    Q) My playlist crashes the box when I try to create a bouquet.
    Unfortunately not all IPTV lists are the same. I have tested many and programmed in lots of rules to catch errors.
    If you can Private message me the relevant part of your crash log. Then I may be able to fix your specifc error.

    crash logs live at /home/root/logs

    Q) Would you have any plans to include epg and fanart for the VOD section? like plex or XtreamTv
    As my plugin is a bouquet creator and not a iptv player, it is not possible to bring these things into bouquets.
    They can only be brought in if I made a custom player.

    Q) i have my own list.m3u ,,,,,stored on my server,,,,is it possible for jedi player to read this file and create a bouquet on my sat box.

    This should be available from release v2.10 hopefully.

    Q) If you have 2 iptv providers, do you have to create to 2 playlists.....

    Yes - or manually combine them on your computer and use as a local M3U file.

    Q) How can I edit channels....

    You cannot edit individual channels in a category group. Its complicated enough selecting categories without also going a branch further into channels. All you can do is select which categories you wish to include in your bouquets.

    If you wish to change the categories in your bouquets, just create a new bouquet for that playlist and select unselect the ones you want.

    If you really want to streamline your channels once you have created your category bouquets, you can probably manually edit your bouquet files that live in /etc/enigma2 on your box. These will keep coming back though if you have auto update on.

    Q) The plugin slows down a lot when creating Series categories.

    Series is processed slightly differently than live and vod. I need to download a large file to get all the information which can be slow.

    Q) My provider has a different EPG address to the one that is shown by your plugin

    My plugin will try show an xmltv epg address based on a standard format.
    On creating your bouquets you can edit this value (text button) to be whatever you want. It will remember this setting for future bouquets creation or updates.

    Q) Can I create bouquets for live / vod / series separately.

    As of version 3.00. Yes creating seperate bouquets doesn't now delete unchecked groups.

    Q) I cannot enter my EPG correctly via the keypad. The cursor is not moving along.

    This seems a bug with openpli and my code. I do not know how to fix this.
    Try pressing the text button on your remote to bring up virtual keyboard.

    If all else fails you can manual edit the data file after you have created your bouquets.

    Your epg address will be after "xmltv":

    Q) I am trying to load a local/external M3U file. But it's returning nothing.

    My plugin will only pick up local m3u files with the extension .m3u

    Make sure you set the local M3U location in settings and place your M3U file in that location.

    My plugin will only read local .m3u files and external URLs for M3U that follow the standard format which looks like something below.


    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="" group-title="", Channel Name

    Please login to see this link.



    #EXTINF:-1 , Channel Name

    Please login to see this link.

    Q) My playlist shows green, I create my bouquets, but nothing plays.

    When setting up bouquets you have the option to select the stream type. For example it defaults at 4097. If your streams are not playing try the alternative stream type. For example 1.

    Q) My playlist is now showing as red and unavailable.

    Most providers have some downtime as they update there servers. Leave it a short while and see if it turns green again.

    If its still red several hours later, contact your provider, its nothing to do with the plugin.

    Q) How to remove the jedimakerxtream plugin.

    Go into plugins... remove plugins.

    If that doesn't fully work ftp into your box and delete this folder.


    Q) I am selecting series but no series bouquets are being created.

    Not all providers have series.

    I use a standard xtream codes api to populate series to prevent flooding your providers server. Unfortunately some providers have removed this api so series will not be built. Its their problem if the don't make things EZ.

    Q) When I run the plugin I get error "No categories selected".

    by default all catogories are not selected. You need to click ok on each category you want to create bouquets for.

    Some skins are poorly designed and missing the graphics to show the checkboxes next to each category. So its not obvious you need to click on the categories.

    Copy the 2 graphics provided on post one into your current skin's icons folder.

    /usr/share/enigma2/[your skin]/icons/
    upload the files into the correct locations and reboot your gui.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Q) The box crashes all the time now when I try to open a web url it worked very well before.

    There are many reason a web url might not work. Bad URL, Blocked URL, Banned IP address.
    Have you actually tried it in VLC player to see if it actually still works.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • A few thank you posts that I have combined into one, to keep this thread reasonable clean.

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done for this one KiddaC.

    just wanted to say thanks to KiddaC for this plugin

    its the best one i've used, top work mate :thumbup:

    Great plugin thank's, it works very well on GB quad plus and openATV

    works great on zgemma

    I've finally dipped my toe into the murky water of IPTV and I must say that this plugin is brilliant compared to the others I tried.

    It is so simple and quick I didn't realise it had actually worked until I checked my bouquets!

    Well done KiddaC :thumbup:

    Thanks KiddaC, just bought you a beer, as a thank you.

    Hi KiddaC

    With OpenBlackHole 4.1.033 OK :thumbup:


    thanks KiddaC ,,,,, works perfect,,,,reading and updating from my standard m3u list stored on my web server.,,,,,,,

    Sincerest Thanks for all your work mate , i have followed your progress with this.

    as we know in the future, its likely we will see the demise of UK cable c/s ,

    this plugin takes putting IPTV on to e2 boxes to another level, it's so clear to use and with Fantastic results and anyone who does not have it is missing out,

    This is how everyone will be viewing and setting up there bouquets in my opinion 👌👌👌

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • What is the difference between jedi maker xtream and XC plugin.

    Jedi maker xtream creates bouquets (folders) of all your iptv channels. You view your channels via these bouquets in channel select screen (tv button). My program is very light weight due to existing components doing most of the work.

    XC plugin, is an IPTV player. Where it plays the streams via the plugin. The added benefit of this is you can get film art, picons, descriptions etc. And the streams are brought in on load, so no need to update. Because this is all done via the plugin, it means a lot more code, I wouldn't really say it was bloated though.

    Suls m3utobouquets plugin is similar to my plugin, where as it creates bouquets of your streams, but in a different way than mine does.

    (other plugins are available :) )

    You don't have to stick with one. Install them all and play-around.

    Stream Types

    er.. your box can play streams in various different ways. I don't know specifics, but out of the box, you can player a stream as type 1(dvb), 4097(iptv).

    Depending on your provider streams one might work better than the other. Just experiment between the 2.

    There are also 3rd party add ons that let you view streams slightly differently. i.e service app and gstreamer. You have to manually install these, and then my plugin will pick up they are installed and offer these options in the stream choice. I personally find no use for them, other people do.

    to install these services you need to do something like this in putty/telnet.

    opkg update

    opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-serviceapp exteplayer3 ffmpeg

    opkg install ffmpeg exteplayer3 enigma2-plugin-extensions-serviceapp

    opkg remove gstplayer

    opkg install gstplayer

    but then you will have to do further research how to setup them up properly. As its not my forte.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Until someone kindly provides a working file for blackhole. (Seagen ;) )

    This plugin will not work on blackhole due to this image having a very basic version of this file.

    The functionality of my plugin needs the more advanced version of this file to operate correctly that is found in more up to date builds.

    So the black hole version needs ALL the functions for how it handles skins, selecting, toggling. etc.

    He has a clone with a custom build OpenBlackhole image and all Clone images are stripped to the bone so problem is in that image.

    BlackHole images are over 200mb in size and the DM800HD have only 64mb of flash memory so you get the point ;)
    There is no BlackHole image 4.7!!!!!

    All Blackhole images 3.0.0 - latest build, OpenBlackhole 4.1/4.2 and OpenVuPlus 3 IO are also working 100%

    And Team BlackHole would never build an official image for any other STB than Vu+

    I have no personal problem with Clones but i dont support them and dont give any support to Clone Images.


  • Jedi Maker Xtream V3.00

    So whats new...

    Firstly I have updated the FAQs section at the beginning of this thread. Please read them, as most of the posts are the same problems over and over again.

    So take some time to read them before posting your problem.

    I was also say again. No point saying you have had a crash, without giving exact details of what you were trying to achieve or without providing me with your latest crash log that lives here. /home/root/logs

    • Bouquet categories can now be created individual without removing previously created bouquets.
      I.e you can create live, then vod, then series. Then recreate any category again without effecting previous.
      This helps speed up lots of processes because it now only processes the functions relevant to what is checked.
    • There are now labels at the bottom of the playlists page, that highlight when each playlist and category was updated.
    • Sorted Vod and Series alphabetically in bouquets. I am not sorting 'Live' alphabetically as they are usually in a structured order.
    • Last update I removed series from the updates. This resulted in any series bouquets being deleted on the next update.
      I have now added series back into updates to elimate this problem. I did experiment with splitting out update live, update vod, update series, but in the end I reverted back to update all.
    • Removed the option to have iptv lists at the top of the bouquets.
      (Although there was a setting for this, there wasn't actually any code to do this anyway. oops.) They will always be at the bottom.
    • Series are still created using the safer alternative way. Unfortunately this isn't compatible with some providers. So you may find series is empty.
      Not an issue I am willing to solve at the moment. I like an EZ life.
    • Improved M3U local/external file handling
    • Fixed a bug in playlists, that wasn't showing inactive xtream playlists with a red icon.
    • Removed some unnecessary file interaction that was slowing things down.
    • Fixed XMLTV files not being correctly deleted on removing playlists.
    • Fixed a slight bug with manual and auto updates.
    • Fixed a bug with deleting individual bouquets.
    • Overall perfomance and code tweaks.

    updated files now on first post.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • NEW UPDATE! 15/11-2018 TEST UPDATED.

    Removed installer since KiddaC has done major work on this plugin

    Test report will be update when testing all belowe images are done


    First tanks for your good work on this plugin :thumbup:

    I have now made clean image installs of:

    BlackHole 3.0.6

    OpenBlackhole 4.2

    OpenVix 5.2.011

    OpenVTI 13-0-12

    OpenATV 6.2

    OpenPli 6

    Pure E2


    OpenPLi 7 beta image

    RuDream 6


    Dreambox sim 2.01/2.10

    Clone Image

    OpenATV 6.2/6.3

    BlackHole 3.0.2c


    Dreambox Orginal OE 2.0


    DreamElite 4.1


    Uploaded Installer (ipk) Installer locate the running Image and install Plugin for just that image.

    All custome files needed for just your image is installed. This is an only one time need install

    After installation you can download and install any new update direct from KiddaC.

    Installer has the lates Build from this date and its version 3.02

    How it works in all above images can you read about below.


    BlackHole 3.0.6

    Working 100% every screen and every functiom after installing.

    M3U playlist also working.


    OpenBlackHole 4.2

    Working 100% every screen and every functiom after installing.

    M3U playlist also working.


    OpenVuPlus IO 3



    OpenVix 5.2.011

    After test now this image also works 100%.


    VTI 13-0-12


    Install and upload a populated playlists.txt to /etc/enigma2/jediplaylists/

    Must have playlist in default location!!!

    After test now this image also works 100%.


    OpenATV 6.2

    Installing and of cause working 100% since thats the image KiddaC is using ;)


    OpenPli 6

    Is now working but you must put a populated playlists.txt and m3u files in default location

    /etc/enigma2/jediplaylists this is important!!!

    Settings menu are still crashing so cant use that but all this is fixed when you update to OpenPLi 7


    Pure E2

    Installs ok working 100%

    M3U playlist also working.



    Installs and working 100%

    M3U playlist also working.


    OpenPLi 7 beta image

    Installs and working 100%

    M3U playlist also working.


    RuDream 6

    Installs and working 100%

    M3U playlist also working.


    All testing has been done on Vu+ Uno4Kse in multiboot so of cause there can be some issu i dont pick up if you install in to your flash.

    Maybe the strange thing with bouquets creating that makes image VTI and Vix to crash might just be because of its in multiboot :)

    I will go on with other images later.

    Hope this can make this exellent plugin avalible for many people because its so easy to use and understand.

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  • When I want create Bouquets , My Vu+ Crash and a green page show .. Please help !

    without a crash log no one can help

  • Wow Seagen... thanks for your thorough testing.

    I must state though, I never had any intention of making this plugin work on every single image out there. Especially barebones images like openpli andf blackhole.

    Nearly everything I create doesn't work on them builds so its never a priorty.

    At the end of the day I primarily create my stuff for openatv and openvix, if it works on anything else then that is a bonus. But it certainly isn't my holy grail.

    It seems there may be an issue with running this plugin from a completely new fresh install from reading through your testing.

    Due to me being the author of this plugin, it is rare my box is in a complete clean state to run this plugin from scratch. I always have files and settings existing on my box.

    I will clean all the files from my box and try to replicate some of your issues.

    The only other issue that has been reported to me at the moment is updating an external m3u seems to also be crashing.

    I changed a considerable amount of code in the last release. So these small little bugs mentioned are not surprising. I am actually surprised there isn't more thats been highlighted. I will try to fix these bugs soon as, as I need to finalise this plugin so I can get back to my skins. Everybody is hassling me for skin updates at the moment.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Well my friend i dont now how many hours you put in to create and develope this nice child proof easy to use plugin so my 2 hours of testing, building install script and reporting is nothing in compare ;)

    When it comes to the bugs with bouquets building in VIX,VTI i allready have found out and fixed that problem, Stupid me forgot to delete my

    bouquets config files from the plugin before i copied it in to the installer :caz2:so after new test all works fine there also. Going to update

    my report later..

    And its true plugin crash when try to use m3u,m3u8 in all my testing. But for me i dont need that option when adding the remote location

    in the playlist works just as good.

    You should be proud of your work, in this jungle of many images its like making one app that works with the same code in Windows,MacOs,Linux and Android ;) you have done that. I now how hard this is and thats why i hope some kind of standard among all images builders would be workt out.

    Finnaly its never any rest for the wicked so have a beer and dive in to your skinning project now before people comes with the pitchforks :)

  • Jedi Maker Xtream v3.01

    Fixed M3U update crash

    Fixed first playlist manual entry crash

    Fixed invalid URL and invalid response in playlists.txt crash

    Fixed missing protocol (http://) in playlists.txt crash

    Jedi Maker Xtream v3.02

    Another little bug in M3U playlists. Well actually it was quite a big bug, because now you couldn't create any M3U playlists.

    New file on post 1.

    And don't forget to 'Delete All Jedi Bouquets' on updating the plugin. Create news ones. It only takes seconds.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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    To all you people who are contacting me about this plugin i have nothing to do with the devolpment writing of code or anything else.

    My part here is the same as you all others, Testing and using. Yes i share my experience with diffrent images and i have made some

    modification to surten files for diffrent images. But that have nothing to do with the plugin!!! All credits and thanks goes to KiddaC

    When it comes to bugs, not working in all other images than OpenATV and maybe OpenVix to fix them use the

    All-In-One installer in my Please login to see this link.. You can use the modded files from first post but they dont work in other

    images than BlackHole 3.0.0 - 3.0.6 OpenBlackHole 4.1 - 4.2 for all other images read TestReport and follow instructionin that report.

    I will keep the Report updated as long as there are need for that.

  • Quite simply there is no need to private message anyone regarding this plugin unless specifically asked to do so, or you are asking to test something private . Bugs should be reported in this public thread to prevent people asking the same question over and over again in private. I am moderator of this thread, so i tidy it up regularly. So dont worry about posting in here. I prefer bugs to be in this thread, because i leave them on here until i have fixed them. Which is usually the next evening. Do you really think i have time to go through individual private messages trying to find the bug someone mentioned. You should see my inbox. The answer is no.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Hi Buddy,

    everything is ok for me maybe because I use a PLi or because I do not have time for TV

    I was exporting this .m3u for proof, I had nothing to do

    So I realized that the "tags" that contain VOD streams (a single video preview), are not included in the live

    I was thinking of removing those vod link-tags from my lists

    the .m3u streams end up in live and .avi in vod?

    Or you can give me some other suggestions

    Excellent work

    1. #EXTM3U
    2. #EXTINF:71,---TIVU STREAM LIST---
    4. #EXTINF:-1,---LAST UPDATE 11-11-2018---
    6. #EXTINF:-1,---TOP ITALIA---

  • I don't know exactly what you are asking me Lululla.

    It is not easy to determine the live or vod type from m3u playlists. All you can do is read the extension.

    Therefore any stream that ends with .ts or .m3u8 gets classified as live. Anything else gets classed as vod.

    I did originally just put them all in one category. But for large m3u lists this became a very long list of channels.

    So I thought it would be more practical to try and determine if they were live or vod and split them into 2 categories for simple m3u lists.

    xtream m3u lists of the type m3u_plus do actually get correctly broken into all the category titles. Because it has the category titles in the file.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Jedi Maker Xtream v3.03

    Fixed the failure to edit alias name and epg name on bouquet creation when trying to use the keypad and not the virtual keyboard.

    School boy error on my behalf. I needed to add fixed_size=False. Which i had added on all the other settings pages, but missed it out on this one. doh.

    Tweaked file reading/writing as one particular external m3u playlist I was testing was throwing up a read/write conflict. I think it was processing it too fast, so trying to do too many things at once.

    New file on post one.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Why is it so important to delete all bouqutes when upgrading from previus version to new version?