• Wonderfull work :-)

    Thank you KiddaC

    Works perfectly on Octagon SF8008 with Latest SatDreamGr Images 6

    Octagon SF4008, SatDreamGr 6.0 OSCam, Ncam

    STAB HH120, Triax TD110

    5.0 W, 0.8 W, 4.8E, 13E, 19.2E, 28.2E

  • What is EPG ID? well there are 2 ways to assign epg.

    1. the most common is to use DVB1 epg from your sat provider

    2. use CrossEpg or EpgImporter to assign with epg.xml

    What KiddaC did with this nice plugin in latest update was to correct all stupid IPTV providers naming of channels so they correspond to

    the original Sat/Cable providers epg and this works just fine but you should chose DVB1 for sat provider epg and remember to timeshift

    if you live in another timezon than UK. Like me i am living in a +1h timezon so have to timeshift 1 hour to get working epg.

    I also dont have a sat dish pointing to Astra 28,2 east so i have to use xml provider epg. For me jenseneverest epg works almost 100% perfect

    or let me say works as good as can be expected. So if you dont have a satdish pointing and setup for UK channels switch to NTP timeserver

    and use CrossEpg or EpgImporter for UK channels.

    But if you have a UK satdish setup just use the plugin and you get epg ticking in without any problem, just remeber to set time server to NTP and not


    If you have IPTV from other country just use Notepad ++ or E-Channelizer to correct the Channel names so they match the names of your satprovider

    in the country you live and set live IPTV to DVB1 and you get working EPG.

  • For any openvix uses that have downloaded a new build recently.

    I have just found out that a couple of months ago they decided to totally break the virtual keyboard in everyone skins other than their own.

    I have absolutely no plans whatsoever to change my skins to incorporate this mess. In fact in future skin releases of mine I will be overriding this component.

    So if you are using any of my skins with this plugin, and you use the virtual keyboard to edit things, then just download the openatv virtualkeyboard and place it in this location on your box.



    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Nice work KiddaC

    You really made Christmas come early this year


  • Your crash log doesn't actual say why it failed?

    Which is unusual. Are you sure your internet just didn't drop out.

    Have you tried it more than once.

    If you are updating from a previous version. Try deleting all your previous bouquets via the plugin.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Hi, what a great plug-in. Been using Jedimaker now for a few weeks and such a bonus over editing updates via e-channelizer etc.

    However now I just have one thing trying to resolve on Picons, I am using Dsayers plug-in using SRP option. I have multi providers setup and with one virtually all picons appear whilst others are either non existant or minimal. Now I appreciate that is due to use of non std reference nos, and maybe the latest jedimaker update will overcome name variations sufficiently to allow SNP option. However I note that when using SmartersPro api app all picons work. So I guess those are service provider supplied picons.

    So my question is this - Is there a way to configure jedimaker to download service provider picons as well as epg. i.e.somewhere to add in "-P" or similar

  • I will give you as long winded answer.

    If all goes to plan tonight, and my new files work, then all the UK channels will be populated by the rytec service refs.

    Therefore SRP picons should work on all UK channels. WHich is a sh!tter because I tend to use SNP picons at the moment :) But its easy enough using echannelizer to convert SNP to SRP.

    Never used smarters but I presume its a self contained player a bit like xcplugin.

    My plugin is not a player, it is a bouquet maker. It plays channels via channel bouquets. This is totally different than a player.

    With a player, there is APIs to reference picons if they have put these references in their files.

    For example

    This one doesn't

    Please login to see this attachment.

    This one does

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Please login to see this picture.

    In a player... I presume this is what it does. On loading a provider list, this API would scan through all the channels and download the picons. Storing them temporarily somewhere and these then get shown on the relevant screen.

    Now in theory, I could use their custom sid, or the sid my program creates download the picon save it in the picon folder and call it this service ref so it will get picked up by that channel. But in reality I can't.

    Very few providers use the correct channel sids. My program therefore creates one for them for use with epg importer.
    On updating bouquets in my plugin, I reset this value and start again. The ref I create changes every time. It would have to download all the picons again.

    And it would be very complicated to delete any other picons previously downloaded. Bouquets only work from the picon folders.

    Some iptv channels lists are huge. Which would result in downloading 5000+ picons.
    This is going to kill your media device. It is also going to be reasonable slow.

    If they have put in the correct custom sid. i.e like in the above screen shot for bbc, this is then going to override any existing SRP picon for bbc one.

    That is not necessarily what you want to do. Because a lot of these provider picons are totally crap and will ruin your nicely sourced picons set.

    Another problem is , there is no standardisation for IPTV providers. They just use random sizes for picons.
    This picon is from the same provider as the BBC one above. Look at the different size ratios.

    Please login to see this picture.

    So to cut a long story short. You would need an iptv player to download picons, do tv catch up, show VOD descriptions etc.
    In a bouquet maker its extremely difficult if not impossible to do this in a structured way.

    The alternative would be to download them all and use the picon naming algorithm to try and work out what there SNP names would be.

    I think this would be a massive pain in the backside. And that still runs the risk of overriding any existing downloaded picons.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Thanks KiddaC for your detailed reply.

    It is as i suspected not too simple, as this is the service refs for BBC1HD from

    one provider "1:0:1:666:5218:0:0:0:0:0" and this

    from a second "1:0:19:1b1d:802:2:11a0000:0:0:0" and this

    from a third"1:0:1:666:5965:0:0:0:0:0"

    Obviously only the 2nd one works as being genuine number and the SNP option is no better due to the mismatch of caps spacings etc.

    And yes Smarterspro is an API Player app so works much as you describe and a friend has used a smart tv app which also does load the picons ok.

    Thus I will live without picons but if i needed them then it would be a case of labouriously dupliating each picon file, editing the ref number (to suit iptv ref) and saving to hdd/picon .

    Many thanks for your time.

  • **********************************************************************
    Jedi Maker Xtream V3.07 (file on first post)


    Added in EPG button to have the same functionality of the Info Button. For those strangely that don't have an info button function on their remote.

    UK iptv channels should now be populated via EPG Importer UK 28.2E rytec channels whether your provider has an epg or not.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    This works by trying to strip the original IPTV channel name down to the same format as what sky use or by an alias name as defined in the following file.


    The alias file has this format.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    add a new alias by adding a comma and the new alias name (lower case) in between new quotes.

    Do not edit the first value of each row as this is the name I use as my cross reference to the rytec file.

    Things that get automatically stripped out of IPTV names. So no need to add these bits to the alias name.

    "UK ", " UK", "UK :". "uk:", "-", "*", "_", "local", "british", "backup", "ppv", "vip", "pdc", "SD"

    Bracketed text. i.e (backup)

    Piped Text. i.e |NEW|

    4k, uhd, fhd, full hd, 1080p, 1080 get replaced with HD

    Therefore if you had an IPTV name like below that wasn't picked up

    UK: Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller FHD 1080 (VIP)

    in the alias file you would just add in the following to "sky thriller" line. Add in HD if you want to reference the HD channel for picons.

    UK: Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller FHD 1080 (VIP) HD

    ,"Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller HD"

    It is easy to break this json file. It is highly recommend you check the content of your file with a json checker once you have finshed editting.

    Please login to see this link.

    Full SRP picon sets can now be used for all your UK channels after this updated.

    There are a few channels that rytec currently don't have an epg for. If you see the odd gap, this might just be a blank in the rytec file.
    A good way to check is to do a full manual satellite scan. Go into the LAst scanned bouquet. And see if rytec has populated an epg for this channel.

    Enjoy. (Back to skins .... honest )

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • Hi i have installed this on a zgemma 2s not the H2s, although when i select an IPTV bouqet the box completely freezes and i need to then power it off completely.

    When i select a freeview bouqet it works fine, any ideas or suggestions.

    Thank you KiddaC btw!!!

  • I have not tested this plugin on my old zgemma 2s for quite a while.

    I presume from what you say. You have created bouquets with the plugin no problem.

    Then when you go into channel select (tv button), your click on an iptv channel and your box is freezing. Yes.

    Is your IPTV a paid sub, or is it one you found on the net.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • If people are trying this latest version. Can you please tell me if its working.

    1) it doesn't crash.

    2) Your UK epg is or isn't being populated (without selecting your IPTV provider in EPG importer)

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

  • Looking good so far, picons and epg without using the epg source :thumbup: thanks for the time you've spent doing this

  • Hello KiddaC,

    thank you for this nice work and the answers!

    I take now the information out of the lamedb5 file as you described and have create in notepad++ a macro record.

    Now just with one click i get the lines to your reference format directly from the lamedb5 file.

    I have nearly create the uk-epg-db.txt with the record only the last semicolon in the last line is there.

    I must look how to rename in the last line.

    One question, can you add in your plugin also the characters like

    ğ ş ç ı i

    Here ist the code for the shortcuts.xml which is in C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++

    after insert the code you find the macro shortcut under Macros "lamedb5 to jedi2"

    I know it's better to exclude all other except :1: and :17: but i don't know how to define ; )

    Please login to see this attachment.

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