• Need the lamedb and 28.2E files on box

    WooshBuild 7 for i55 actually has them files, yet old. (for subs that originally used sids and rytec for epg)

    Could flash the save lamedb via echanneliser

    Flash new OpenATV, restore lamedb via echanneliser

    Set up his new image.

    Hassle that though

    if not on i55, put a sat feed in, scan full abm, reset bouquets, then redo i.e freesat

    If watching a channel and press up then yellow (providers) there should be 28.2 or BskyB and the lamedb scanned.

  • Just an update guys managed to get epg on my i55 using the 3.05 version of Jedi and epg importer all epg populated now just going to put it on my extrend and see how that goes thanks for all the input guys very helpful all comments on it and kiddac can't thank you enough for trying

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