Confused about CI+ and Conax on an old VU+ Solo

  • Hi

    I am today using oscam and a legit Canal Digital on my VU+ Solo and it works just fine. But will be receiving a new viewing card in a month. While I understand channels that requires CI+ will not decode without the help of a CI+ module, will this new card still work for the other channels? I seem to have read reports earlier about newer cards not working, but then I see others with cards from 2016 and onwards that apparently uses them directly in their card readers. Anyone knows if I will still be able to use my trusty old VU+ Solo when I get a brand new viewing card?

    I'd also like some general info about how the introduction of CI+ will affect the use of this box. I am only interested in making it work with a legal subscription, so I am not trying to rip off the provider. :) I simply just want to use a box which is less restricted and in general works better than the provider box. Hope I didn't post in an incorrect category, but there was just so many and I got lost browsing them :) Thanks in advance for any input.

  • Nothing to worry about.

    Your new card certainly works well in oscam, but as you say you need CI + to see a few channels that are paired.

  • If take this question to our Nordic section you can ask questions in Nordic language :) and get answers also.

    But shortley. Its only OpenATV that still supports CI+ i f you use BlackHole, OpenBlackhole you need to not update image online

    since they stopped using CI+ drivers in the newer image.

    Probably will OpenATV soon follow since ther wil be legal action taken agains produces who have no certificates for use of CI+

  • I'm currently on OpenViX .. which version is the most recent of BlackHole that has that support?

    Does this mean it will not even work putting a CI+ CAM into the receiver?

  • Yes when they remove the hacked drivers (Ci+ helper) and hacked certificate it will not work any more. And Blackhole has removed all older images

    so you cant download them any more.

    For open Blackhole its only first edition that works and for Blackhole its 3.0.5.D thats the last working image.

  • If this question is not permitted here, just ignore it and I will remove it upon being told so. On the other hand, if it isn't, what IS my options if I want CI+ support on the VU+ Solo? (What images and what versions? Even if not available on their respective sites anymore, I'm pretty sure someone will have hosted the files somewhere). Again, I do not have any problems with this post being removed if it is outside guidelines. I also want to stress that I am only seeking to use it for legal subscriptions because I just don't like how the provider boxes forces stuff on me and works so poorly in comparison to the enigma2-based ones :)

  • He he we are not at VU Plus Community now my friend ;)

    You need Blackhole image 3.0.4 any version that have 100% working CI+ without any carpy helper

    OpenBlackhole Only first image release

    OpenVix still have Ci+ support and OpenATV also have it but hurry up soon it wil be gone there also

  • OK, so.. I found and downloaded following firmwares for the box, all those should then have CI+ still intact, then? :

    I know the latter one is quite old, and I think it's the one I'm currently on but was thinking of going back to blackhole. Unless maybe I should give openatv a try? Never tried that one.

  • Those images works fine as long as you dont do online update.

    If you want to test another image i recommend to test ATV my self is an old Blackhole dude so i stick to Blackhole images like

    Blackhole/OpenBlackhole and OpenBH 4 Ultimate Other images are so diffrent and old dogs are hard to learn new things ;)

    But ATV at least i can find around in the menu system :) and KiddaC makes some amazing skin for that image