Need oscam ymod for Dreambox DM500HD newnigma2

  • Hello to everyone,

    I have Dreambox DM500HD (original) with New Enigma image. Which version of OScam_ymod I can install and run on my receiver?

  • I install version that you sent to me, and installation went well. But I can't login to webif. In etc\tuxbox\config I have oscam.config where I can see that port for webif is 16001. But I can't access to it (ip address:16001). Do you maybe know what is the problem?

  • But I can't access to it (ip address:16001). Do you maybe know what is the problem?

    If you open oscam.conf you will see the [webif] httpport = 8888

  • Also port 8888 don't work.

    My oscam.config for webif is:


    httpport = 16001

    httpuser = root

    httppwd = dreambox

    httprefresh = 10

    httpallowed =,

    httphideidleclients = 0

    httpreadonly = 0

    httpsavefullcfg = 0

    httpjsicons = 1

    For what reason I can't see webif?

  • If you still have the old configs the ipk may not have installed properly. Install it in telnet with opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk


    Check your configs have changed. Look in usr/bin for a file oscam-modern

    Try starting oscam in telnet /usr/bin/oscam

  • I install oscam with telnet. I don't know how to start oscam? In usr/bin I have oscam-modern but without extension. How can I start it?

    I managed to start oscam with root@dm500hd:~# /usr/bin/oscam-modern but i have another problem. I can only start Oscam with Telnet. When I select Oscam on my receiver, oscam is selected emu, but oscam is not really started. Only when I start Oscam through Telnet (/usr/bin/oscam-modern) everything is ok, and webif is working normally. How I can set that Oscam start when I select correct emu on my receiver?

    Thanks in advance

    Do you maybe have some other version of Oscam to try? This version is not started automatically. Every time I must connect with telnet to receiver and start Oscam. On receiver when I choose Oscam to start, it says that Oscam emu is started but it is not started until I connect with telnet and start it.

    Can anyone help me to find correct version of oscam which will start automatically? Now I must everytime telnet to receiver and start it.

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  • Can anyone help me to find correct version of oscam which will start automatically

    Try the attached version :thumbup: Configs are in /usr/keys and /etc/tuxbox/config

  • I install the version that you sent to me, but it is still the same. Oscam is not started automatically. Maybe receiver do not see OScam? When I start Oscam in receiver, nothing is happening. Only when I start through telnet it is ok. Do you have some idea, what I can try?

  • oscam starts automatically if you followed the right instructions

    What image are you using?

    together we grow - ferdi

  • I followed the right instructions but I still have the problem with automatically starting Oscam. Maybe the problem is in the image od Dreambox? CCcam is working normally.

    On My Dreambox 500HD is image:

    Enigma2: 2012-03-27-3.2

    Image: Newnigma2 v3.3.2 2012-03-28

  • I install last version that you sent to me enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam.emu-11400_newnigma2_all.ipk

    with commands how to install over telnet opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk but still I can't start automatically oscam! Can someone tell me what I can try to fix this.

    Thanks in advance

  • Give this a try ->….2/index.php?open=dm500hd

    Use the attached oscam emu.
    To install - FTP ipk to /tmp > press blue button > plugins > ipk installer

    Start oscam - menu > infopanels > softcams