Motorised satellite allignment and signal problems

  • Got a vu solo2 with openatv 6.2 and had no problems until recently.Set up with usals and the co ordinates are correct but getting severe break up on most satellites astra 28.2 east probably being the worst!Funnily enough hispasat the best.Getting snr99% db 17,0 on hispasat. When i move to Astra at 28.2 getting snr 99% and then goes tosnr 0% dnb 0.0 .! The dish looks fine as does the lnb any help would be appreciated thanks

  • Is the dish of plumb? put a spirit level against the pole and see if it has moved slightly, or the motor has worn and isnt stopping where it should be. Or it could be a faulty lnb or water ingress

    110cm Triax Dish multi arm 13,16,19, 23, 28 east fixed 90cm thor

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