Virgin ABM Error

  • Are you sure you are using the correct NetID?

    im not sure what my net id is:

    What is the most accurate way to know?

    - i live in London Crystal Palace, on my VM contract the area code is 03

    - on ABM the closest available area is croydon!

    Could you please help me to identify my correct NETID??


  • Sounds like such a nice area:-) only ever heard of the football team.

    Anyway the best way to check what your net id in your area is, is to go into the engineer menu on an official stb if you have one at your disposal, or ask a friend or neighbour close by, very close by to be sure, the box really should be active on the network too, however i am not sure if the new tv6 boxes can be put into engineer mode, need to ask a friend :-)

    Croydon looks to be TW (telewest) you can proabably check that by way of old telephone sockets in your home, or old isolator box with telewest on it, ,plastic exterior box, or cabinets for tw which were weirdly installed underground so to speak.

    Bromley might be another you could try, just got your actual area up on google and it states its London Assembly as: Bexley and Bromley; Croydon and Sutton; Lambeth and Southwark

    Bromley looks to be NTL/ex c@w (cable and wireless) if memory serves cable and wireless had standing brown exterior cabinets..

    Or sometimes referred to as cable and pennyless cause i think they kept going bust haha...

    EDIT: there appears to a few netid,s for bromley (41041) // 41056 NGRHEE Bromley/// and 41067 TTA (Bromley RHE) so i would try each one and see which pulls in best !

  • As above, the surest method is to check on an official receiver.

    Try 40980. Somoene else posted issues about 40979 on another forum, he was in 40980

    If you cannot get official receiver, then you have to go through all of them one by one. I have adapted the provider file to have a frequency you posted. You should not get a tune failed message.

    Extract the xml file,

    transfer to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/AutoBouquetsMaker/providers

    Delete the providers.cache file in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/AutoBouquetsMaker/providers/

    In ABM select a net ID ,

    Run ABM (make sure there is no no swap)

    Select a different bouquet, go back to Entertainment bouquet.

    Check If BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, CH4 and CH 5 in that bouquet work. If they do, great.

    If no, select a different NetID, run ABM, select a different bouquet, go back to Entertainment check the 5 FTA channels.

    Continue until you get a NetID where the 5 channels work

  • Guys i can only thank you both of you gor all this great help! I guess i will have to try all these area code since i only have broadband only and i dont have any person that i could ask any question! I will try this new xml tomorow. Ight when back at home and will gove u some feed back. As for now the issue i have is that i keep having the message that the turner is not working with ABM if it responds with ABM im sure it will go fine! Thanks again

  • Yesss!! GREAT!!

    ABU you are star all channels work fine, checked bbc on entretainment bouquet and it works fine!!

    quick question, shoud i perform from now one - UPDATE CONF FILE ? or NOT??

    THANK you very much ABU na d i hope that this post help others facing the same problem!!

  • What worked?

    One advice was to use 40980

    The other was to go through all of them until you find one that works

    i sticketed to croydon 40979 and update the xml file and the turner worked and my vm bouquet were created. About my question if can i use update conf file from now or not what do you advise?

  • What worked?

    One advice was to use 40980

    The other was to go through all of them until you find one that works

    to offer more help to this threat i have also test 40980 using TELWEST and also works fine. It does not work on exCW. Hope this could help the comunity and anyone on crystal palase/ croydon/ bromley area. Being said that with 40980 using TELWEST it found 580 channels only and if using ALL SYSTEM it only finds few channels. Using 40979 with ALL SYSTEM just bring few channels whilst using PURE 495. All this stest were performed this morning 10/05/18@8:45am

  • You are mentioning two different methods. This thread is about ABM. ABM does not have all systems or ex cw. Mentioning what is not relevant confuses things.

    If you used 40979 and update the provider file, then that means you are not using the file I gave you.

    I advise:

    Enable debug logs, restart. run abm, then atatch debug log.

  • hi Sorry to create confusions.

    i can confirm that i unzip the xml provider file that you gave me and replace it into the ABM folder and alos deldete the cache file and on provider in ABM set 40979 croydon. after that my tunner starte working and created all the bouquets.

    as advised i have i have Enable debug logs, restart. run abm, and atatch debug log. on this threat

  • Thank you.

    I got the following details

    1. < 39.169> [ABM-config] providers: cable_uk_virgin:hd_40979_dvbc_uk:7:|sat_282_sky_uk:hd_london:3:
    2. < 40.783> [eDVBFrontend] tuning to 611000 khz, sr 6952000, fec 0, modulation 3, inversion 2
    3. < 41.126> [ABM-Manager][read] Reading cable_uk_virgin (hd_40979_dvbc_uk)...

    I have updated the official file that is used by ABM so all users will benefit.

  • wesd84 , your thread got hijacked. If you still have a problem, please scan manually and then upload your lamedb and lamedb5 files

    Please also answer the same question about Net ID.

    What is your Net ID?

    Do you know it for definite by looking at official box?

    Or are you guessing?

  • Hi Abu, I also have been experiencing the error on NET ID 00006, Swindon since 2.5.18 :

    "Failed to tune Virgin (UK) on tuner B

    Please check the following:

    The tuner is correctly configured.

    You can receive the specified frequency"

    With guidance from Vets over at Techkings I have followed their advice to grab data via DVBsnoop/NIT Analyser and pass on to yourself in the hope you can help me with a test file.

    Please login to see this link.

  • if you follow all instructions in this post it will work for you as well.

    i had exactly the same problem and thank to this thread is all working now. have some time make some reading on this post and post the files that abu asked me and he will help you with the new xml file!