Box for Tvheadend

  • Or an old laptop!

    I'm trying it on an old laptop but have reception problems using a PCTV DVB-S2 usb stick. My Vigica C90 Android STB finds more channels than my PC when using the same dish and cabling. I'm trying to find out why.

    The usb stick cost as much as the stb so I'm confused and disappointed.

    I'm not really up on satellite communications so have no idea if any tweaking can be done to improve reception.

  • It's most likely an old scan list on your tvheadend PC. Check the list of muxes from your android box and compare them.

  • I don't know how to 'break into' my Android box... What's the best way of getting hold of the file? I know nothing about the filesystem layout as used on Android.

  • I use TVHeadend on an old school Desktop PC with a PCI Tuner card (digital devices) Link here: Please login to see this link. This card is not cheap but it is awesome, never had a problem with it. It works out of the box in Windows and every version of Linux that I have tried (and that's many) with no driver issues.

    I tried several USB tuners with Enigma2 and Linux and had nothing but problems.

    I know you're using a Laptop, but you can "build" a kickass PC with a mini ITX case case for really cheap (Ebay is your friend)

    Enigma2 is great for Satellite and Cable TV, but if you stream anything...a PC is night and day compared to SAT receivers.

    Just my .02 cents

  • Hi somebody can give me solution how to make DVBs2 Server with tbs6984 quad tuner card and PC for streaming 4 signals to IP in home

    Some solution about software?

  • Can you recommend a box and motherboard? I only have laptops at home.

    My problem is that I tried a PCTV USB DVB-S2 dongle, which isn't cheap and it failed to find specific channels that I wanted. My cheap Android or Enigma STB have no problem picking them up. I've tried TVheadend and like what it can do so wondered if I could run it on one of the STBs.