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  • OPENSPA 7.3.004

    What is new

    - New drivers SF8008

    • add hdmi cec support
    • add video setting support for videoenhancement plugin
    • add vtuner atsc support
    • fix snr value.
    • update drivers for satip and usb dongles

    - New drivers Edision

    • update bt config
    • update drivers optimise blindscan for pro model

    - New drivers Zgemma H9

    • add wol
    • add cardreader/SCI detection
    • Enable hiplayer for h9 e i55plus

    - New drivers Vuplus 4K.

    • Fixed FCC problem
    • Fixed DVB-C / T change when 2 MTSIF Dual DVB-T2 tuners are installed(ultimo4k)
    • Improved demux performance
    • Fixed misc.
    • Fixed GUI restart problem when FBC DVB-C tuner is installed
    • Fixed LNB problem in DVB-S2X tuner when FBC DVB-C tuner is installed in the Slot A.

    - New drivers Dinobot 4k

    • Enable hiplayer for u5, u51, u52
    • add videoenhancement extension

    - New drivers Qviart Lunix3 4k.

    - Improve e2 player skin on Kodi.

    - Improve skin spa24HD.

    - Add new screen for Recording section.

    • Improve graphic appearance, like kodi style
    • Improve info of movies management based on the type of selected list.
    • Possibility of showing progress bar below the movie, if we choose to show the progress bar on the left.
    • Link, when pressing menu, with the IMDB plugin
      • Once we go to the imdb, if the movie is found the first time the title and rating is saved temporarily in /tmp/ and it will be shown when moving to that movie (will be deleted when restarting box).
      • Possibility of saving the cover and rating to hdd
      • Possibility to remove the cover, from hdd/tmp if it is not correct
      • When you erase the movie, the cover and infos are also removed.

    - Add Pure M+ picons by tsnm at Extra Panel.

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    User : root

    Pass : openspa

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