OpenPLi Enigma2 PLi-Extras Image for Wetek Hub

  • Hi All,

    Here is OpenPLi Enigma2 PLi-Extras Image for Wetek Hub.

    It has been developed by "Persian Prince" and compiled by engineerkhan15.

    It is a test image. So, don't forget to give feedback.

    Please login to see this link.

  • Thanks, I have k2 pro , that same amlogic s905 , and I downloaded the corresponding image for k2 pro , I rested it , I think there's issues with the tuner as when I do scan for channels, it always no channels.

  • I am afraid that the efforts to develop the enigma2 image for Mecool boxes have died down because of various tuner related issues on K1, K2 and K3 boxes and non existent support from the manufacturer for development of Enigma2.

    At the moment I am using stock rom on my K1 Pro (S905D).