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  • Have a ZGemma H2S running OpenATV. Using EPGImport and have autorun on boot set to Enabled. I have 2 sources enabled within EPGImport.

    I restart GUI and EPGImport kicks in.

    I am getting the error [EPGImport] download failed: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'twisted .internet.error.TimeoutError>: User Timeout caused connection failure. It will then move onto the next import source and work successfully.

    If I run this manually, both sources work fine. Anyone got any ideas?

  • try update you version to last one my friend

  • openatv image 6.2 epg importert stop to work, how to fix it.Please login to see this attachment.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Please login to see this attachment.

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  • i have install this plugin by the linuxsat panel without any problem... reboot...ok

    but when i start the plugin, it says - no boxbranding module - and it won't start....

    i have vu solose with vti 13.xx - what do i wrong?? please help, i realy will and need egp for my iptvbouquet...

  • ok thnx... i will try it after work and report

  • aha.... and now ??!!

  • i just tried installing the latest version above i get the following error - some plugins are not available: Extensions/EPGImport ('module' object has no attribute 'parameters')

    I've tried a few different versions now and get the same every time any idea?

    i was using cross epg but can access rytec for IPTV EPG.

    I'm running openpli 4.

  • Hi there i currently running open atv 6.1 on a zgemma i55 box ive tried everything to get the epg to work but no joy

    any ideas what i can be doing wrong ive ftp the plugin , ftp rytec sources file , opened plugin on box selected blue on souces and yellow for manual still doesnt find a single event ?


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