How to add CCcam to Amiko mini hd

  • Hi everyone good morning.

    I got a amiko,ini hd box and don’t know how to add a cline on it I’ve looked up on the net and can’t find any info. If someone knows how to add much appropriate your help. Thanks

  • 1.Create hsdata.cfg

    Example :

    cccamd~name server1~port~usser name~pasword

    cccamd~name server2~port~usser name~pasword

    cccamd~name server3~port~usser name~pasword

    cccamd~name server4~port~usser name~pasword

    Save under hsdata.cfg

    2.Send abov file to your USB.

    3.Insert USB into your box.

    4.Press Menu>Go to internet >net cofiguration.

    5.Press c/hsdata.cfg.

    6.Is apearing a info which ask you if you agree to read this data form from USB.

    7.Press ok.

    8.Reboot your AMIKO

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