5.05 jailbreak

  • so since i acquire a ps4 in little looking theirs a jailbreak out for 5.01n 5.05 OFW

    now with all the shadow owners out there on some so called scene pages dashhacks/psx/ps3hacks ect ect with cryptomining site loaded hoggers !! wow i know fcuked uup init !!

    anyone used the exploit on the above fw and have safe files to use :)

    on 5.01 fw outbox so input would be nice since your CPU goes up to 70% when surfing as guest on above sites metal sir 1 buyer 3 sites then boom datamining hardcore lol

    all for a email some say :P lulz

    PM for support 0nly with a Link to Y0ur
    P05t w1Th Wat5 up 0r 155u3 thaT5
    B33N ....... P05T3D

    0D3R PATCH3D 3H ;)
    much <3 th0ugh in d0 a5 Ab0v3
    1n Wh3n 533N r3plY n PM n 58PP0rt G1v3n ;)

    "I'm against Piracey so please DONT ATTACK SHIPS"