MAG 250 / 254 / 322 custom firmware (MAG Software Portal)

  • Hello,

    I'm going to make custom image for MAG 250. Anyone would be interested in testing? :)

    I'll customize embedded portal and maybe add recovery UserFS. List of functions planned in first update:

    MAG Software Portal website wrote:

    Functionality planned in firmware version 3.00:

    • Enable Infomir app store without necessity to add it as external portal and add it as a shortcut to main menu.
    • Enable enhanced speed test.
    • Enable short setup wizard when first time configuring STB and add a shortcut to settings (if it'll work in MAG STBs).
    • Add Polish localization to embedded portal.
    • Join your STB to the MAG Software Portal update channel so you won’t miss new functionality in next releases. Updates will be done automatically after your confirmation.
    • Add games (Lines, Sudoku, Memory) to main menu. Playkey too if it'll work well.
    • Add Internet Bookmarks shortcut to main menu.

    I'm not going to block any functions and portals so you won't have to be worried about it. Obviously it isn't all plan, there will be more functions in next updates. I won't lose it if will there be enough time.

    Have any ideas? Please write :) I'll publish here a link to imageupdate when ended.

    PS: MAG Software Portal is name of project.

  • News update!

    Today I'm publishing first beta imageupdate. There are some problems with booting STB from release image so I'm supposed to start beta tests. I will publish here files. Unfortunately I had to sign image as public so in beta update path every image has to be flashed from bootloader (USB & Bootstrap or multicast). Autoupdate module will be repaired in release channel which will be announced in a few weeks.

    Please don't kill me, it's not my fault. :( Beta image 2.18.23 will be published probably about 10 or 11 PM or later.

    *2.18.23 in old Infomir numberation means 0.2.18-r23, next image from 0.2.18-r22, last Infomir official for MAG 250.

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  • Imageupdate 2.18.23-beta-250 Please login to see this link.

    Please remember it's a beta version. Services developed by Infomir may not work well. There may be also a problem with System Settings. I've contacted Infomir support to work sth out with fixing it. If you have problems, please write, I'll try something.

    Next news will be at website of project: Please login to see this link.

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  • I tried to flash your image but I get wrong signature of course I just get 250 in my hands but it's flashed with a custom lock version by the seller I guess is there any way to unlock it? EDIT:long live the MC I managed to flashed a public firmware then latest official ,next is yours😉😉😉 and success

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  • Thank you for interesting :) I'm going to do next one this week.

    Also a one news to people who don't know about: since 2.19.00r ver there's a support for new STBs:

    • MAG 245,
    • Aura HD / Aura HD International,
    • MAG 254,
    • MAG 322 / 324,
    • Rostelecom IP_STB_HD (this one uses image for 250).

    Going to come here more times :)

  • I haven't done video at this moment, can do if you need. Have published a guide how to on wiki. Are you speaking about release or patch?

    If about patch then download tar.gz and, put them on USB stick (both ones should be at separate directory), connect USB to STB and start script by SSH.

    To use SSH move to /media directory and find your USB.

    When making 2.19.01 it will have embedded fixed portal so you can do flashing this new by mc

  • Hello!
    Unfortunately I can't release the new update now as less time than I've thought. But instead it I've done some surprises for you, you can check at my website ;) Please login to see this link.

    Thanks for patience!

    Wysłane z mojego LG-M250 przy użyciu Tapatalka

  • Hi!

    I'd like to ask u about one thing mates. Can I temporarily remove translates other than English? I'd need it to properly prepare new functionality on FW but localization gives me some unexplainable problems. Do you mind it?

  • Hello mates and sorry for fourth post on row ;)
    Just posting to let u know that new image will be today or tomorrow. Also asking if could you say which STBs would u like to integrate with my fw? Also new post on my website. I'll post new things in the website not to do spam here.


    A big edit :)

    Because of new image available ! ! ! Now I have to test if updating through portal works well, if yes than I'll share link to download with you ;)

    Image 2.19.01 will be in two variants:

    • transitional - it must be installed first both by existing users and people who want to join in project. This image smuggles my signing into your STB's NAND and lets do update.
    • final - it gives full functionality. Since 2.19.01 images will be signed by my custom key (don't mistake with operator image).

    Also another change does - support for MAG 200 available. For MAG 200 you can download one of these types of firmware:

    • 1us - 1 NAND available (as default),
    • 2us - NAND splits into two parts (with this variant you are able to use flashing default firmware or older versions of mine one with public signing through bootloader with USB & Bootstrap method).

    So just gimme a day or two ;) I'm also sorry for late, but I just couldn't. Really sorry.

    Edit v2. You can download from GitHub or project site.

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  • hi to all,

    i am intrested to check and test custom firmware for MAG322 is any one created , or tested ? can any one post link here to download and test ?

    thanks in advance , help appriciated !!

  • Hello friend :) yes, for 322 available:

    Please login to see this link. and go to "Releases" card. Firstly install transitional image (from system recovery utility) and then final through portal.

  • What does exactly show at STB? If you can show photo or write please. After installing transitional you can just use HTTP method to install final image, USB isn't necessary.

  • Yes , it worked !! this mistake i was doing

    > i download Transistonal image to USB , than rename it -imageupdate- but end of ext. i was adding .img (like original image has ) that was giving me internal error , next try i just change the name and it accept right away ,

    now box is updating -Release file -

    - may i know what will improved in your image ?