Dinobot 4K Update - Including missing E2 afterwards ( Solved )

  • hi im not sure if anyone can help me or if im posting in the right room, i have a dinobot u5 mini and the channels on enigma 2 keeps freezing... ive checked the line on another reciver its ok

  • by channels are your refering to satellite channels free to air, sat channels via cs, or iptv.

    Free to air - dish misalignment

    CS - dish alignment, crap server, poor internet.

    IPTV - poor internet, your line has reached its max users. if yours - worry. If found on the internet. Thats what hacked iptv lines do :)

    can you create a new thread in the dinobot 4k section. It's not really relevant to this post. Thanks

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  • Hello everyone

    I have a Dinobot 4k +

    and after an update made Enigma 2 has disappeared !!!

    I tried to attach the MAC to the usb stick

    me if I go in

    Live tv



    does not see the MAC for restoring Enigma 2

    I have also tried to restore factory data

    But nothing!!!

    There is someone who can help me !!!

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Have you followed the guide in post 1 and updated mac address etc?

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    Try formatting your usb stick with this and try again

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  • Hi guys

    Dinobot 4k Plus Recovery Images latest 2018-07-02

    Fixed with this update without unpacking the file otherwise it does not read it !!!

    turn off the decoder


    Copy to usb

    collagate to the decoder

    Press Reset - switch on the decoder - for a long time until the update ...

    As if by magic

    Returned Enigma 2

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  • Hello amielea

    I repeat the procedure

    Download this file:

    -Dinobot 4K+ Normal : Please login to see this link.

    Includes Android and E2 openATV

    Dinobot Full recovery Images

    Update 2018-07-02

    Do not unpack.

    the normal Update.zip on an empty USB stick.

    Turn off the box from the main switch, insert the USB key on the back, press the Reset button on the back, hold it down, turn on the main switch until Update is shown on the display, then wait until the box is restarted.

    Ps: Manufacturers should remove this update that does not work from the Dinobot update server.;)

  • hi mate

    I've also been gonin crazy with this and have just seen this post and when going into live TV, setup, misc I cannot find any options for write Mac?

    Any ideas please.. Thanks

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