Zgemma h2s + rtl2832u rt820t2 + Virgin cable tv, how to configure ?

  • I don't use the pli image in open atv go in to the plugins extensions and down load the autoboquet maker download it reboot the stb now go in to the menu set up and go in to servise searching u will find the autobouquet maker in there go in to config and set it to expert etc after that go in to expert go down the list till u find virgin media look for ur area were u live save come out of the menu then start scan if u have set it up right the channels will load to ur stb hope this helps regards car123

  • sory bud never used one give it a go it might work have a word with jenseneverest

    hes the expert on the zgen stb range bud hope this helps regards car123

    live long and prosper

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