Addon Softcam Manager 1.1.4 for Prismcube Ruby

  • Addon features:

    - Start, stop, restart emulators;

    - Contains 5 emulators: wicardd 1.19, oscam-svn 1.20 build 11425, oscam-ymod 18.59, ncam 1.7, mgcamd 1.35;

    - Ability to specify different configurations (for wicardd and oscam based emulators);
    - View current decoding status information (;

    - Built-in text editor for editing keys and configuration files;

    - Adding new emulators from special format zip files;
    - Downloading key files (SoftCam.Key and from the Internet and local sources;

    - View emulator log via service ports

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  • OSCam 11438 EMU 774 for addon Softcam Manager.

    In order to install:

    1. Download file (do not unzip)

    2. Place the file in a location accessible from the receiver

    3. Run addon Softcam Manager

    4. In the main menu, select the item "Install"

    5. Specify the path to the zip file and confirm

    That's all. The emulator should appear in the list.

    To specify the path to the config files of the previous OScam's version, use item "Path"

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