Problem with oscam 11432 & 11433 to open channels use Biss code

  • Hi

    I'm a new user.

    Lately I have downloaded Please login to see this link. and install it on my receiver.

    I use it to open scrambled channels and it works perfectly.

    But, when I use it to open channels that use Biss code (as IRIBTV3, IRIB Varzish on Badr 26E) It wont work and those channels can't be opened.

    I did not have the same problem with previous versions of this such as oscam 11392 and vuplus-team.com_OscamPowervu-11401-CCcam-2.3.2-BlackHole_all.

    They work perfectly and open the channels that I said above.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Please Guide me.

  • Hello good day, what team are you using? I understand that some 4k devices like dm920 suddenly stop opening the channels between powervu and biss changes. I have a Vu + duo2 without stream relay and with the latest version 11433 working perfectly with all channels with different encryption Nagravision (Dish Mx) Powervu and Biss. I'm using google translator ....