UK Cable jenseneverest 7 day EPG source for epg importer based on openTV Discussion and Support

  • Dont now much about this epg but i hade to change timesettings from Satellite to NTP and now epg is working fine on my UK Channels

    I think that DVB time are not working with epg timeshift but with NTP epg can timeshift to the right local time.

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  • thx seagen in the UK we have moved to daylight saving time, what you are saying makes sense as you are using it on an iptv service rather than DVB service.... i had not tried it on IPTV so nice to know it works:thumbup:

    Thx chenks had not noticed will attempt to sort tonight if time permits

  • Works nice so thanks for your work :) i just added your epg source in to E-Channelizer and viola i hade working UK EPG :)

  • It's not just you, mines the same on cable and sat

  • not home but it looks like my box has died a death. :06:

    Have switched to the other box so running the update again

    Should be done about 5pm tonight

  • chenks mo7866   Willo3092 and anyone else

    sorry guys just got home, yes it is in a total xpeed lx3 has bit the dust....

    I thought i had sorted it remotely yesterday but it had not, now running the grab again, should be sorted tonight around 9pm today

    Again my apologies...

  • bit of channel juggling by virgin today, and it looks like BBC Two HD isn't pulling EPG


    Thanks mate will sort tonight

    I noticed some new hd BBC channel's the other day when doing a full scan will add them as well for when they go live

  • BBC TWO HD still missing EPG today

    Did you reboot and then download??

    Lots of changes going on past few days....

    So may well have changed again

  • done another download now and it's appeared now.

    must have been bad timing when i downloaded this morning at 4:30am.

    picons are still knackered for it though, it's showing a picon for Channel 5.

    have reported it on their gitlab, but they've not done anything about it yet.

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