recording iptcv

  • hi can someone help please i have just bought a zgemma 5 series with the hope of being able to record M3U files iptv but i heve now run out of ideas i have tried every thing i can think of but still no joy what so ever. i can recoerd all the terestrial channels but not iptv ,i also have 2 dreambiox 8000 boxes but exactly the same as the zgemma . hope someone can solve the the problem for me regards

  • Most common problem is that you are only allowed one connection so to record you cant look at channel from same provider when you record.

    Ex. Go to channel you want to record, add recording and when recording have started switch to terestial channel.

    As long as you dont switch back to another channel from the IPTV provider you are recording from it should work just fine

    at least it does in Enigma2.