• Hi all,

    I got problems with ERT channels at 3°E. I can see ERT3 only; ERT 1 , 2 and HD looks like transmitting (TSreader reports so), but my screen is black and no encryption is recognized in spite different online sites report those channels are Biss encrypted. Do they use a more complex Biss system, like, for example, BBC satback channels do?

  • they just do not send the "ca descriptor info" ,so most receivers shows them as fta.ert3 3 is fta

    depends your receiver,there could be a solution,or not...

  • yes it is.

    it is possible using mgcamd,

    it is possible if you are using oscam emu,but you need to add a few lines in oscam.dvbapi

    it is possible in cccam,if you are using satdreamgr image.

  • add this in oscam.dvbapi and restart cam

    1. P: 2600 ;
    2. A: ::000A ; ert1
    3. A: ::0014 ; ert2
    4. A: ::0028 ; ertHD