Opendroid 6.7 Mut@nt HD51 4K

  • Opendroid-6.7 _Mut@nt HD51 4K _18.10.2018

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    The image 6.7 is build on the New OE-Alliance 4.2 branch

    New version 6.7 is much more complete with the new OPD-Multiboot, we have created a structure enigma2 different from the previous version!

    the image is lighter and faster! Several bugs have been fixed, and the structure is oriented to always be at the cutting edge of technology!

    the new 6.7 leaves version 6.6 behind that now with this new version is obsolete! good test to all !!!

    Thanks all the Betatesters who helped build this gem. Without them we will never be able to publish something new!

    in particular we thank Formiano, gimsy, GioppyGio,adam41259, raffsif, stein17 and finally we thank many others of the staff and all those who support their contributions every day to keep this project OpenDroid Magic!