lets get this started.

  • Nice to see USA support. I've been having a tough time getting Oscam-emu to work on ku band? I see there is allot of success on c band but I can't install a c band dish yet.

    If anyone has this working on ku band, would you be able to share your config files and softcam file? Would be nice just to see one channel working to understand the relationship between the required config files. Also, what E2 image do you use?


  • I've tried most of the images and find openpli, openatv and pure2 to be the most north american friendly. I'd be willing to try a different image if it makes installation of the latest oscam-emu file via the links on this site easier to install, configure and work. I just don't know enough about oscam-emu to know if I have it right. So many parameters and hard to test on ku band between 87.1W and 125W. From what I understand, I just need an oscam.conf, oscam.server, oscam.user and oscam.dvbapi file configured properly and a softcam.key file with valid keys as a minimum to get it working. So close, but yet so far...

  • diyjeb in the usa support section, under working soft cams and configurations you should find most of what you need. Which KU sats are you interested in, I lookked at 103 and 125, just a few channels , have video and audio on those.

    Take care,


  • Yes, I'm using those files but no channels opened up. Not much on ku to try. I suspect its just a matter of not having a valid key. I'd like to get 117W. At this point, I'd just like to see anything open up to see it working. I'll be putting up a c band dish later this year. Maybe then I'll have better luck.



  • diyjeb I looked at the KU side of 117w , I did know those channels were there. I could not get any to decode either, some of the same ones that open on 101 and 105 do not work on this sat a bit strange will investigate further, the mission continues lol. :beer1: