Oscam OE1.6 - OE2.0 - Fpu - Openpli 4.0

  • Changeset 11439

    Enables Nagra Merlin (CAK7) reader by default
    Corresponding keys are now configurable via WebIf and config files

    Tnx DaMulda? for providing this patch!
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  • Changeset 11441

    improve REMM feature
    show remm req in webif
    gbx webif cosmetics/improvements
    fix typos from r11437 thx sattotal
    remove ccc stuff from gbx page when ccc not compiled in
    webif: display 'use_gpio' on physical readers only
  • Changeset 11443

    [gbx] - fix parameter 'gbox_reshare'

    show peer-id & online stat in webif reader
    code clear up
  • Changeset 11444

    [gbx] - fix peer password not stored in config

    issue introduced with last commit
    thx azo for catching that
  • Changeset 11445

    - add tandberg to 'get cardsysten' in oscam.simples.c
    - add #include <sys/sysmacros.h> to globals.h
  • Changeset 11446

    [gbx] - Speed up local card status detection and report cards to peers
  • Changeset 11451

    fix for last commit ...
  • Changeset 11456

    Changeset 11452
    some dvbapi cleanups (but there's more to do.)
    -whitespace clean up

    Changeset 11453
    created functions for detecting caid. "tandberg" is renamed to "director", because tandberg is the compary and director is the CA system.
    by Nautilus7

    Changeset 11454
    I send the FEDC patch for polish seca cards.
    It was made by: Jej@n and ketanol

    Changeset 11455
    add support for VideoGuard? BSkyB (0960) entitlement date

    Changeset 11456
    [gbx] - fix oscam crash when enable ccc to gbx share
  • Changeset 11459

    Changeset 11457
    part 2 for ORF AU fix
    -add CAID 0D96
    -add on/off switch
    thnx to pehedima

    Changeset 11458

    fix 1x fallthrough / break
    videoguard2 cleanup

    Changeset 11459

    fix typo missing ;
  • Changeset 11462

    Changeset 11461

    another cleanup patch
    thnx optimum power

    Changeset 11462

    fix last commit
  • Changeset 11465

    fix Nagra & Nagra Merlin Tier Expire Dates
    Nagra EMM Filter merged
    Nagra Merlin Code cleanup
    completeness check of the required CAK7 keys
    Block NAD changes reverted
    fix xxor fallthrough
    aescbc removed
    tabs / comments / spaces cleanup

    thnx kabeltod
  • Changeset 11469

    Changeset 11467
    small cleanup in cscrypt
    + adding libs
    thnx to Nautilus7

    Changeset 11468

    another cleanup patch
    thnx to kabeltod

    Changeset 11469

    fix warnings in #11468
  • Changeset 11471

    Changeset 11470
    Cleanup and add functions

    Changeset 11471

    cleanup module-dvbapi.c
  • Changeset 11477

    another buildwarning fix


  • Changeset 11485

    Changeset 11480
    big update pack 5
    another cleanup &
    removed duplicate functions

    Changeset 11481
    small cleanup

    Changeset 11482

    fix for missing values in ecminfo_type = 3
    by Optimum Power

    Changeset 11483

    fix small typo
    move log to debug

    Changeset 11484
    by Jotne
    show number of cards in the log

    Changeset 11485