help need to setup additional access point to my first floor

  • hi, all

    i am trying to setup extra access point to my first floor , here is picture/diagrame the way i have to set up

    my ISP provided me

    Modem ZTE268A - which has 4 port LAN and WiFI access i am using , LAN 1 and LAN 2 LAN connection to pc and media player , and 2 WIFI device on this (as per photo)

    LAN #3 , hardwire (Ethernet cable) is connect to Router through WAN ( Z ) Dlink DIR-655 to first floor ,

    my problem is how to configure router to use wireless wifi and LAN A / LAN B ,

    once goes to PC and one goes to network printer ( Samsung CLP-310 ) has ethernet RJ 45 capibility

    and rest device use WIFI on first floor ,

    not sure what i am doing wrong , but problem i am facing

    can some one help to give me correct parameter which i have to set DLINK DIR-655 ,

    am i connecting correct , modem lan port #3 to WAN port of Dlink ??

    or i have to connect modem LAN port to Dlink one of LAN port and disable dhcp etc./ change ip address of router to match with modem ? etc.

    help appriciated , thanks in advace. Please login to see this attachment.

  • First of all you have to connect you Dir655 through any free lan port of it (Not Wan!)

    You have to turn off dhcp on dir655 and set manually IP of it.

    After all you will have one network with IP assigned by DHCP of ZTE (for example from to

    All devices will see any another's in one shared net.

  • thanks for quick response, i think i tried what you mentiend but i was getting problem in WIFI

    although i will try again , after configure ip adress , etc. on router ,

    what port i shoud i connection between ZTE modem <==> DIR 655 ?

    i mean modem LAN to router's WAN OR modem's LAN to Router's LAN ?

    because i have to use wifi on first floor from DIR-655 too , how to set up SSID and password on DIR-655

    do i have to use same password as ZTE or i can change it ?


  • 1.yes, you should connect modem's LAN to Router's LAN.

    2.for wifi SSID and pass for DIR have to be any for you choice. Also you can setup same wifi channel as ZTE or another one for best result.