Working SoftCam Keys and Configurations

  • Here is the place to share your SoftCam keys and configuration files for satellites viewable West of Europe.

    Many times keys included with OSCam will work on our receivers for satellites we can receive but are initially assigned for those we cannot.

    It is encouraged to let others know the little tricks you used to make keys work. Please adhere to forum rules but be as helpful as you can.

    If you find a quick link covered on this site which covers questions members surely are going to ask, please provide it.

    Please include your receiver platform (ARM, MIPS, etc) when you do so.

    And have fun !

  • Sorry to butt in here but surely it would be for West of Europe? ( the Americas I refer to)

    Or did I pick it up wrong??

    Yes sir. The Americas.
    But we are finding that European channels received on different satellites over here can be watched using oscam.
    Good question.

  • I get that bud ..

    but it was to clarify what you had previously written: for satellites viewable east of Europe,that´s all :rasta2bigsmoke0gf1:

    Typo corrected. Oops. I guess if you go east of Europe far enough you reach "us".

  • Here are my latest keys working with OSCam r11440.

    Powervu only. Check for the correct directory in webif or ftp Currently mine are in /etc/tuxbox/config/.

    Most will decode immediately or in a few minutes.
    As always, backup your existing keys before copying into the correct directory.
    Big thanks to Kenno for his exported china box keys.
    If you have any that are working and not in this file please share.

    Please login to see this attachment.