• Hi Guys

    Iam looking for a receiver with best sensitive tuner DVB S2x with blind scan which I can use for poor signal or fringe signal. Iam considering the following which one is the best?

    - Octagon sf 8008

    - Edision nino pro

    -Dinobot U5 mini UHD 4K

    Any other please I need your feedback????

  • for poor signal or fringe signal................u need biger Sat Dish,its the only solution,my friend.

  • Hi Panarama

    Thanks very much for your feedback

    Some receivers even with big dish do not pick up some channels...I have the king tuner on strong receiver but not is of old school now not e2 or HEVC or 4k ..I need hevc or 4k e2 receiver

  • Edision OS nino pro has an excellent tuner. Perfect for blind scan, S2X, multi-stream etc...

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  • No bud,

    I simply invited you to read all the information for yourself.

    That´s why I left you the link which will take you directly to the sponsor´s edision section.

    Click on the link in post#6.

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  • It's been announced that a 4k edision receiver called edision os Mio 4k will be soon released with the same sensitive tuner of edision os nino pro. So unless you hurry you could wait for it!

  • Hi jojoz

    Many thanks for your feedback. From the look of things, the new version os Mio 4k is likely to be more expensive since the tuner has been praised very much for the smaller one which is hevc but not 4K. I think I can get this for feeds hunting and for 4K channels I can still use the VUPLUS DUO2 4K ( Performance Doubled) already ordered and I happen to be vu+ fan.

  • Your best to provide as much info as possible when it comes to which tuner will benefit signals.

    I would have thought the majority of latest open source recievers will have pretty good tuners, some more than others albeit, i,m also a fan of vu+ myself but as said there is a lot of alternatives out there.

    As i also said above regarding info supplied, dish size/brand/ lnb brand/scew/cabling and connections used are all very important in low signal areas, and without a doubt footprint/ satellite your aiming at and location tells a larger story.

  • Hi johndeere88

    Thanks very much you are 100% right a lot of factors are at play when it comes to signal quality. Dish size, dish type panel or offset, type of lnb used, the cables including connectors, diseqc , footprint covered or outside or on the edge,etc all these conditions put together, a good tuner will have good signal quality while a poor tuner will have poor signal. In some cases a good tuner will pick channels when a poor tuner will pick nothing.......SUCH CONDITIONS ARE THE ONES THAT DETERMINE WHICH RECEIVER HAS GOOD TUNER SENSITIVITY WHEN YOU GIVE SAME CONDITIONS, SAME TP, SAME DISH SIZE, SAME DISH TYPE, SAME LNB TYPE, SAME SATELLITE, SAME POSITION. CURRENTLY SOME TUNERS FOR ENGIMA 2 LINUX ARE ABLE TO BLINDSCAN WHEN OTHERS ARE FAILING.

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