Help converting cccam to oscam on amiko alien

  • Hi,

    I have a amiko alien 2 with open atv 6.2 installed, also use the softcam that master G suggested aka 'Please login to see this link.'.

    I don't get the thing working well enough...

    Here are a couple of screenschots:

    This is the content of oscam.server


    label =Test1

    enable =1

    protocol =cccam

    device =C: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1000

    user =xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    password =xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    cccversion =2.1.2

    group =1

    inactivitytimeout =1

    reconnecttimeout =30

    lb_weight =100

    cccmaxhops =10

    ccckeepalive =1

    cccwantemu =0


    label = newcamd_server

    enable = 0

    protocol = newcamd

    device = C: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1000

    key = 0102030405060708091011121314

    user =xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    password =xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    group = 3

    Can you help me solving this issue?

    Thanks in advanced!



  • Never post live server details on an open forum.

    I`ve removed the screenshots, they have server details and a clear reflection of you on the TV :laugh1:

    The device is messed up on both readers. They shouldn`t start with C:

    The second reader isn`t enabled (enabled = 0). It should be enabled = 1. Its also using group = 3, change that to group = 1

    All of these values can be removed:

    1. inactivitytimeout =1
    2. reconnecttimeout =30
    3. lb_weight =100
    4. cccmaxhops =10
    5. ccckeepalive =1
    6. cccwantemu =0

    Use this to convert C lines to oscam -> Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this picture.

  • Try reader like this one. In "device=" server and port must be separated by ","