Redlight Fusion 10 channel 8 channels gone this morning

  • Hi

    i've got the above card, and the only channels that are clearing are Redlight HD and Hustler HD, my entitlements run til 27/08/19 so it's not this...least I hope not.

    Anyone else got problems or know whats happening.

    Regards: canthackit

    Oh and happy new year......................not a good start for me hobby wise.

  • as i know the channels moved to 10930 and 11373...

  • canthackit

    re-scan the channels, the frequencies have changed

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  • So this is what i've done and ended up with.

    Tried the frequencies suggested, and they came up with nothing.

    Went to lynsat and KingofSat they said much the same.

    So did a full sat scan.

    It found Private TV and that cleared from my sub

    Sesto senso Itaila

    Prive TV

    will only clear from a share @ 3hops

    XMUVI only fta ads



    pinko tv

    still nothing clears

    and Dusk seems to have gone to Thor 0.8 west

    Oh and this is a viaccess card btw.

    Is there any update from anyone?

    regards: canthackit

  • Pinko tv , Passion TV - DVB - S2 11373 27500 H 3/4 Modulação 8PSK Roll-Off 0.35

    Vivid Red, Redlighit HD, Privete tv HD - DVB - S2 11662 27500 V 3/4 Modulação 8PSK Roll-Off 0.35

    Hustler HD , Dorcel , Penthouse Black ,Penthouse 2 , SCT - DVB - S2 10930 30000 H 2/3 Modulação 8PSK Roll-Off 0.20

    XXX - DVB - S 12692 27500 H 3/4 Modulação 8PSK Roll-Off 0.20

    Brazzers TV Europe - DVB - S 10949 27500 V 3/4

    Sesto Senso Italia - DVB - S2 11373 H 27500 3/4

    Privè - DVB - S2 11373 H 27500 3/4 Modulação 8PSK Roll-Off 0.35

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  • Thanks chano

    I have all them frequencies, now Hustler HD has gone I can only clear Redlight HD, from my card.

    Most of the other channels I can only clear from peers.

    I'm really stumped, cannot see whats going on.

    Regards: canthackit

  • This is a quote from a member on streamboard and it would explain your problem.

    1. quote:
    2. 11 December 2018
    3. The SCT informs that from DECEMBER 2018 it will be necessary to replace all Viaccess cards from 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 12 already sold, it will need to change from the current Viaccess 5 version to the version 6 due to hacking system hacking.
    4. The replacement methods are already operational as the new Viaccess 6
    5. cards are available. The affected cards are:
    7. Nothing must be done for the Elìte with 16 channels or for all the other Nagravision cards.
  • hi all,

    I called my card provider and he told me that they changed the encoding from viaccess 5 to viaccess 6. so it will no longer be possible to read the cards with the enigma2 but only with dedicated decoders or cam viaccess. Does it's true that oscam can not read viaccess6?

    I have a 15-channel redligh (no penthouse) activated in June 2017

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  • "They changed the CAID of the card from 0500 043800 to 0500 050F00 and only more 3 or 4 channels broadcast on caid 043800 (those that you see with the old card). If you do not change cards you will obviously not be able to see the others being broadcast with 050F00i."

    is it possible that they change idents without allowing those who have regularly purchased the card to have all the service they bought? The seller (cesarex) to the umpteenth email claims that it is a problem of C.I., of unofficial decoder, of everything that can pass through his mind ... without accepting the replacement of which I would have offered the payment, unlike, half of my subscription expiring on 1 June 2019. Mahhhh !!!

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  • I called the sct-card support and they told me that they replace the card with a new one and that I have to pay only 1/2 price. My old expired on 1 June 2019, the new one will expire in January 2020

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  • Yes I did the same paid 50% more for replaced penthouse card BUT BUT MY indent was 0500 050F00, they have changed to viaccess 6 so said the supplier. Anyway the new card which came today works fine in oscam