How to Multistream Abertis package on Hispasat 30W

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    1. Send the attached channel list Please login to see this link. 2. Install astra-sm by telnet or attached opkg install astra-sm Please login to see this link. Reboot 3. Put the file "abertis.arm" in etc / astra / script Rename to abertis Give permissions 755 (In box's not arm use the albertis file)…
  • a few corrections...

    the astra-sm telnet command, will work only in images,that contain astra-sm in the feeds. in other, the user has to install it manually.

    and the name of the script, is abertis and not albertis

  • I tested and worked on openatv 6.3, pure2 6.2, satdreamgr 6.

    You do not necessarily have to use this settings from 16.12.

    All the latest settings contain all the necessary files for abertis.

  • Hello,

    would one of you know if this would work on OpenPli 6.2?

    thanks in advance