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  • Even a friend of mine was interested in the jedimaker on Cvs ..

    It happened to me with xcplugin and other plugins, and I had resave it like this with the timer.


    However, the skin must also be fixed, I believe that the cvs does not take the font="jediregular;36" in the skins fhd at the widget _config _menu etc. , but this is my thought


    1. - # self.timer.callback.append(self.downloadgetfile)
    2. + try:
    3. + self.timer_conn = self.timer.timeout.connect(self.downloadgetfile)
    4. + except:
    5. + self.timer.callback.append(self.downloadgetfile)

    I had run tests on 3 sources, but the skin was still correct, I can also insert them if someone wants to try.

    Unfortunately I do not have a box to try and I can not help you


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  • Thanks Lululla this eTimer is just crapp so i extracted the enigma file from dreamos and as i supected there is no eTimer there

    so it will never work.

    But the code you inserted will that replace the eTimer?

    Because with this


    self.updateTimer = eTimer()
    self.updateTimer_conn = self.updateTimer.timeout.connect(self.updateStatus)


    I cant make it work but if we add your code suggestion it might do the trick all we have to do is make the timer function

    under stand the eTimer name and we should be out of the woods.

    The skin problem is an easy fix i have skinned my version in to my skin isntead of the plugin skin because i like it better

    when i use KiddaC SlyQ skin that plugin have the same look as my STB Skin its this eTimer fucktion that drives me crazy :smokelots:

    I have a couple of goood guys that are willing to chrash the boxes and deneme3215 have beed helpfull

    and in the end i just have to go and buy me one of those Shitboxes ;)

  • in xclite v.2.0 is Eg.

    # from enigma import eTimer

    1. self.Timer = eTimer()
    2. try:
    3. self.Timer_conn = self.Timer.timeout.connect(self.TimerFire)
    4. except:
    5. self.Timer.callback.append(self.TimerFire)

    I think this is a trick, because it works, at least I have not read the opposite

    Find on 3 file - -

    sorry for my bad english :)

  • Does this timer work for both OE2 and OE2.5?

  • Could you download this file and insert the code at the right place?



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  • Could you download this file and insert the code at the right place?

    as I wrote before, the timer is in 3 files if I'm not mistaken - -

    please i send pm to you

    for the rest wait for KiddaC to see if it's right, I'm not very good at it


  • Yes we should wait for KiddaC its his baby and i hope hes taking care of him self a few days since he has been in bade shape.

  • Yes we should wait for KiddaC its his baby and i hope hes taking care of him self a few days since he has been in bade shape.

    I'm glad you work now.


    the problem on dreambox (cvs) here.. this crash on DE v.6 OE2.5

    Thank's seagen for support

  • Well we have or to be honest Lululla cracked the eTimer crapp so we are past that and i got JediMakerExtream loading and somewhat working

    in OE2.5

    But the stupid crapp box dont understand the way Plugin is skinned.

    It crash on textoffset, vkey and infokey also could not find font path.

    When i did fix that and remove some code

    All menus work, can do custom settings like chose other location for playlist.txt

    all button function for red green yellow and blue button works fine

    But now it crash the moment screen switch over to bouquets window where you select what

    channels you want to create bouquets from

    So if someone that are used to skin plugins for OE2.5 images hade a look accully this amazing plugin would work even in the walkin dead images ;)

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  • How long did you come with the Plugin Lululla ?

    I have come so far as to start and read the Playlist but now it chrash when loading screens with channels

    Here is a screenshot of the chrash info

    And here is the version i use now.

    Please login to see this attachment.

  • i don't really know what your doing, but that looks like an error in the default skin, not my plugin skin.

    There is no align="center", its either valign or halign.

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  • DreamOS

    OE2.5 Experimental Images

    I have solved a lot of error...

    any advice ?!

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  • What file set of JediMakerXtream are you using?

    Could you upload your version so we could have look at the files?

    you are one step further than me :)

  • Nope i have dropped it for sometime are doing some other work but when thats finnished i will dive back in to this again :)

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