How to have tuning with jump of empty channels DTT Italian digital terrestrial?

  • Goodmorning everyone

    My problem is that when I tune with my Vu Duo2, empty channels are also tuned into the DTT

    I also tried using isettingE2 type plugin but without succeeding.

    Can someone give me directions to reach the goal?



  • When you say empty channels. Do you get signal strength on them?
    If so, that would be considered a channel. Like if you aren't using a cam.

  • Hi

    In DTT Italian digital terrestrial, the channel numbering goes from 1 to 999 but the channels are not so many to occupy all the numbers. For this reason there are empty numbers in the settings.

    I hope I have explained.

    But I found how to do it.

    Using plugin isettingE2 in the Test new LCN on test modality.

    Thank you