IPV4 only kernel openpli 6.2

  • DM800HdSe Sim2.1(sunray)

    using mmboot 1.42,

    flash image:- newnigma2-lean-dm800se-v4.0.12---ramiMAHER--.nfi

    multiboot image:- openpli 6.2(Please login to see this link.)


    in pli 6.2, webinfo, boxinfo,i'm getting msg ipv4 only kernel,

    in oscam log too its showing fallback to ipv4.

    how to make kernel ipv6 compattible??

    can i change kernel or something?

    my isp has native ipv6 support.

    Any feedback will be appreciated.

    Thanks.Please login to see this attachment.

  • I see IPV 6 on all my VU box's, maybe time to update your STB, to something current that gets developed and support and maybe not a clone ?

  • artorius

    thanks for replying friend.

    i know its old but as i mentioned in my second post.

    in open pli 4.0 i was getting ipv6 and was able to webif and oscam on ipv6 address outside my network.

    so i think problem is with image on flash,not with box hardware.

    if pli 4.0 can support ipv6 pli 6.2 must support it.

    I think i have to do some copy paste but dont know what to copy.

    anyway Thanks for the reply, will wait for another input.

  • Thanks parageria

    i think problem is with image in flash.

    not with pli.

    if i install openpli 4.0 with multiboot than it too says ipv4-only kernel.

    so i think multiboot images use same kernel from flash.(maybe), if this is the case than i have to change flash image.

    image in flash is:- newnigma2-lean-dm800se-v4.0.12---ramiMAHER--.nfi,,,,(which is quit old.)