Ncam for Windows - config files location

  • Hi,

    I've running the offical Ncam 1.9.. on a Windows computer.
    But I'm struggling to find the location of the config files, so I can use my my own setup.

    Any tip? :bulb:

  • Look at the ncam live log. You might get an error that will show you the path like this (config) ERROR: Cannot create file

    Then create the path / directories and add configs there.

    Please login to see this picture.

  • Hi, and thank you.

    I've have already tried what you suggest. But maybe I'm misunderstanding something.
    Here is one example:
    "ERROR: Cannot create file "/usr/local/etc/ncam.srvid2.tmp" (errno=2 No such file or directory)"

    In the world of Microsoft Windows here, where should I create this path?
    I tried it as folders under where the Ncam is located - like : "\usr\local\etc" with no success. Or should I try under C:\users... ?

    Thank you for your support ;)

  • Already tried that as well - doesn't work either...

    Only got this message after saving: "File does not exist or no file selected!"
    Doesn't seem like save does work in Webinterface ... :derpthink: