Projects for the new year - Poll

  • What projects are people after this year. 26

    1. Amend Slyk Onyx 1080 screens to be more similar to some of the newer layouts used in Slyk Q 1080 (13) 50%
    2. Start work on Jedi Maker/ Player Xtream (Deluxe) (13) 50%
    3. Convert my new 1080 skins to 720 versions (6) 23%
    4. Create Slyk 1080 R19 Dreamplex plugin skin (6) 23%
    5. Create Slyk Onyx 1080 Dreamplex plugin skin (5) 19%
    6. Update Vskin 1080 (plum) (2) 8%
    7. Update Vskin Bolt 1080 (blue) (2) 8%
    8. Update Vskin Red 1080 (0) 0%

    Ok here are a few things on my radar that I will slowly be getting through over the next few months, depending on other life commitments.

    Tick up to 3 options.

    Votes will influence my work load.

    Post other requests in the thread if not in the main thread.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

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  • I got peeved of with vskins, as I spent ages changes all the code for selectbars then realised what I actuallly changed didn't work on openvix. So had to undo a weeks worth of changes.

    I think openatv and openvix now both allow textoffset on selectbars(config), so I should be able to update the skins how I originally wanted them to look.

    I also think my new image scraper and picker is slightly incompatible with vskins landscape pictures, so that is another thing putting me off. As I am going to have to rewrite some of that toppicks code.

    ** A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected **

KiddaC Skins and Plugins

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