Jtag Gigablue 800 and 800se - Guide by ItalySat

  • This is a procedure where they were put together all the pieces collected until now, I will try to implement it more and more.
    All this is untested, but I'm sure it works with a good chance.
    The jtag unlike the serial port, is used to restore the bootloader on your Gigablue if you see the word "BOOT" without any breakouts after the various procedures flash boot + firmware.

    You will need:
    Jtag (self made)
    Softwar package that you can download in the bottom of the thread

    Construction of Jtag

    (This part requires the use of a welder)

    In this part I just postarvi a photo with everyone's help we will try to list the various pieces to buy, and schema.

    The JTAG connector is attached next to the card rearder, for instance the blue circle in the picture


    Installing Broadband Study 3: Introduction, Is it necessary to the Framework 4.After you have downloaded the package at the end of this guide, estretelo, go into the folder and run the setup.exe Bcm97325 that avviarà the installation, which will install the drivers (hence the request for driver installation, accept)

    Adding configuration Giga 800solo and 800se: At this point (for installation over) go to the folder

    1. C: \ Program Files \ Broadcom \ Broadband Studio 3 \ Flashes

    and copied from the "Flash File" (again from the downloaded package) the two configurations "MXIC MX29GA320EL.xml" (800se) and "Numonyx M29EWL_1024G.xml" (800solo) (required only that of your decoder), which will serve to program to recognize the characteristics of our flash.

    Start procedure:
    A decoder off the jtag connected to the decoder and the PC.
    From now on, open the program Broadband Studio 3 and connect the power cord, if you've done everything correctly you will see the word "connected".
    Then click on "Flash Explorer" (Figure 1)

    (Figure 1)

    Click on Refresh
    At this point, select the type of receiver that we have (if you remember we posted the first 2 configurations) (Figure 2)

    (Figure 2)

    DO NOT Let us edit the offset

    Now we go in the Erased and select "Start erased"
    At this point we go to the Download section, select ilcfr.bin depending on the type of decoder, (800solo or 800se), and press "start".

    At the end of the process can restart the Gigablue, to upgrade the bootloader that we find here Please login to see this link. and then send the firmware.

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    may not be reproduced in part without the guide also autorizzazzione staff and without mentioning the source

    Thx Bobsilvio

  • hi to everybody,i have a problem making jtag to gigablue se.I have cypress miniboard between giga and pc.Well y start boradband studio and says connected but suddenly disconnected ,all the time connected disconnected.With this situation i cant flash the bootloader.Anybody knows why is discennecting all the time?Thanks very much

  • hi master G, i've seen there is now a part you can buy for around £8 on amazon or ebay to jtag these boxes instead of having to solder parts, but do you know if this jtag would be the same on a gaigablue hd ultra ue or do you know of any other way to bring it back to life



  • Hello everyone

    I want to know if every jtag cable is allright. I found one that is not expensive:

    Usb-Blaster Kabel CPLD FPGA JTAG Programmierer Altera

    Please login to see this link.

    Can I repair my Gigablue HD 800 se plus with this cable ?