TM800 not booting

  • Can anybody help here. I have a TM800 that has decided that it no longer wants to boot up. All i am getting is the word Technomate scrolling across the screen. I cannot access Mini root in order to flash a new image to it. Does anybody have any ideas?

    I have tried the holding down the stand by button whilst switching the power on at the rear, and i have tried pressing the stand by button rapidly when powering on the box, still nothing.

    Is it possible to jtag this box if it is a damaged bootloader or is it a case of sending back to Technomate.

    Any help would be appreciated as it would be a shame to let it go to waste :confuse:


  • Turned out its an issue with the card reader believe it or not, thats what TM told me anyway.

    Just waiting for TM to come up with a fix now.

  • Just wondering, was there ever a solution to this problem? I have a box with exactly the same problem and have tried disconnecting the card reader but no different.