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  • DreamboxEDIT

    - added support for real hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:)
    - fixed autoexpand of provider bouquetlist when using create bouquet from context menu
    - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, remove all files properly on uninstall

  • DreamboxEDIT

    - added option to disable service type indicators in front of servicenames (options panel GUI)
    - added new cleanup function for local picon directory (removes all picons not found in any user bouquet)

    Note: the other option removes only picons not found in both lamedb AND user bouquets
    - added High-DPI support / scaling natively without losing sharpness
    - added scaling factors 100%, 125%, 150% and auto (depends on system setting)

    Note: this will override the font size selection which is now only used on 100% factor
    - added 64-bit build of dreamboxEDIT

    Note: use VLC 32-bit for standard and VLC 64-bit for x64 version of dreamboxEDIT
    - improved dreamboxEDIT installer: new accessibility options (high contrast mode, scaling mode)
    - improved automatic VLC path detection for use with 32-bit/64-bit dreamboxEDIT/VLC at the same time
    - improved manually set VLC path is now separately saved for 32-bit/64-bit VLC
    - fixed writing hidden/numbered markers (some invalid descriptions were written before)




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  • ' Dancia11 cant seem to download it ?? could you post on this site... Thanks

    annie go to dancia11 link as ive just tried it myself and you will see 2 files but at top right of page there is a icon you can download it using the icon

    - - - Updated - - -

    I downloaded it annie here it is and ive scanned it using bullguard


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  • Morning Forum,

    Thank you for uploading this last year. Have there been any updated versions released this year please ?

    Thank you.

  • For the moment nothing


    Please Do Not Ask For Support In PM - Post Your Questions On The Forum For The Benefit Of All Members


    • added eServiceUri support
    • added autoscrolling on moving profiles
    • added moving multiple profiles at once
    • added switch on/off service type indicators without restart
    • added scaling factor 200>#/li###
    • improved write all linebreaks as Unix(LF) not Windows(CRLF)
    • improved MIS/PLS handling
    • improved error messages
    • fixed initial default pathes
    • fixed issues with path selection dialog
    • fixed some uncommon bug when writing markers (introduced by last update)
    • fixed assign and remove of picons in main service list
    • fixed OpenSSL libraries (x64 files were missing)
    • fixed not properly working function „Mark services not in Userbouquets with flag X“
    • fixed error on export of bouquets/services
    • fixed skipping of some completely invalid formed bouquet entries of some IPTV providers
    • fixed satellites.xml editor (transponders weren’t deleteable if confirmation questions were disabled)
    • fixed website links
    • some GUI improvements
    • OpenSSL security updates
    • language file updates
  • Update 28/02/2018
    - added sorted list for delete satellite option in context menu
    - added volume up to 200% for streaming player
    - improved stripping of ANSI escape sequences from telnet prompt
    - improved parsing of marker entries
    - fixed reading bouquets file with invalid entries
    - fixed non-working update check
    - OpenSSL security updates

    Thx @ dhwz