Banners Mod V13 - DM500/Clone

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    Sbox CCcam + Sbox and 2 versions are attached

    New Image for DM500 and Clónicos this, v12 base with updates Sbox 0.0.5-4 5 CCcam 2.1.3, fixes permissions on some files and binaries, a new Bootlogo and some internal changes that I have seen fit to make.

    The Sbox + CCcam version: is defaulted to a white card of D + in the absence of RSA and Boxkey your meter.

    Get active by default 2 IMUS has been added scripts for both IMUS reboot if you want to use only one EMU advised edit the script.

    The boot file of both IMUS, was amended to restart IMUS to using killall do not kill as currently done.

    The Sbox version: is defaulted to a white card of D + in the absence of meter Boxkey your RSA and comes ready to be used both reader and server / client CCcam.

    CCcam No need for anything from file user.sbox you can follow the examples that I left and the truth is that it is much faster and stable than native CCcam. Not to say it's most current product and also Spanish (Thanks EDK).

    Get active sbox default has been added to the script when it detects reset sbox fallen this self-restart only.

    The boot file has been modified to make use of killall instead of kill.

    Both versions have the odd change but, I do not remember now how I did not see it because I do not have a DM500.
    These two pictures are made at the specific request of a colleague and the colleague as per request is created, so ... can not say that will take more pictures for the 500, much less that will make more changes than longer see. In principle, and for now I leave them there 2 versions for your personal enjoyment.

    Please note: I share here a "private" mode, ie, the public forum for me and my people, the only condition is that if you want you can register for the forum. Nothing more, I hope you go just as well as colleague.

    IMPORTANT: The first time you load a MODLONAS DM500 or a clone of it, be done by DreamUP.

    1. User: rootPassword: dreambox

  • i try it but i can put the CCAM.cgf file