Amiko Mini Combo won't boot

  • Could someone advise if windows should detect the box when connected via usb-serial initially? I can't get my mini combo to connect at all. I need to reflash as I tried updating channels and now have all sound and no picture.

  • Hello, I want to flash new firmware as well, but I do not have a serial port on my Amiko Mini HD box. Can someone please tell me what should I do. The reason i want to flash the box is I cannot get into the menu, it's asking for a password and i dont have one. Any ideas?

  • I recently had to repair one of these Amiko devices for a friend and discovered after reading numerous posts at different places that said you need a PC with onboard serial or a usb to serial with an FTDI chip to recover these using the 3.5mm 232 jack port.
    After numerous attempts i too received the dreaded Transfer data failed line in the loader , on closer inspection upon opening the device i tested the continuity of the pins with the 3.5mm jack in to the 232 adapter and i noticed that there was no continuity on the first pin of where the jack was supposed to make contact, so it seems the 3.5mm jacks are not long enough on some of them to reach the end of the 232 port.

    what is needed to get a connection is to manually solder onto the top of the pins on the board , using this method any usb to 232 serial adapter will work . No need for a PC with onboard serial or a FTDI based usb to serial.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi, I have Flashed my Amiko mini Combo HD box with Dekolte Firmware bootloader 1.0.7 and need to go back to 1.0.4 bootloader
    Does anyone have the Patched firmware Originaly Posted by serps87 as the link Provided to his Dropbox Account has since Expired
    and I would appreciate it if serps87 or anyone else has the patched firmware would upload or link to it.


  • Please explain more, which colors you used and their connection on the box.

  • Hi all, I am owner of the decoder amiko mini combo hd, unintentionally I installed a wrong firmware, now I find the decoder blocked only green LED on. I tried to revive it with the toolkit for amiko 3612 by dekolte but I have no communication between the port serial and the decoder. Any solution to be able to revive it?