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  • Hello to all members ,
    First of all I want to thank Master G, which allowed for responded to my request to share the link to my site on IPTV LINK menu LINUXSAT forum
    as you can see on my site I offer the opportunity to watch sports TV channels,
    In all free with no advertising is my pation my hobbie ,
    Discover my site and have a good time ,
    Thank you all

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  • Hello,
    currently on my website I recovered an iframe for Stream Tv Via Ace ,
    I want to party with VLC as a Play List menu that would launch the TV,
    because the current iframe I do not manages ,
    I'm stuck on the script ,
    little be a member of the forum could contribute and help me thank you

  • When i click the link nothing happens? says i cant view page can you pm page please

    First of all make sure you have the VLC PLUGIN for firefox or whichever browser you use.
    Another good idea would be to have acestreamHD player also.
    and Silverlight is up to date.
    Then simply follow these two snapshots:

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    then choose a stream:
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