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  • Is there still IPV6 Support as told in Post #1? 'cause I can't get it work

  • PBO /Viva Package 3717H @ 91.5E Measat

    I just checked with Starsat 2000 Hyper (Software V 2.31).I got this key on Auto Roll but screen is blank

    P 0000 00 B4E3455BC79A4A ;

    P 0000 01 0A4BD27283489B ;

    Tha same as MTN Package @ 57.0E NSS12

  • Can someone compile oscam for odroid c2 with dvbapi support

    Oedroid Specifications

    Please login to see this link.

    The binary is compiled depending upon in which operating system it is to be used. If it is android, go to android receivers section and check any binary developed for Wetek Play 2.

    Alternately, there is also a tutorial to compile oscam for android.