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    I only use the cline setup in my ncam.server.
    The rest I delete and it works well.

    ####################### CCcam ############################


    label = server1

    protocol = cccam

    device = host,port

    user = user

    password = pass

    keepalive = 1

    ccckeepalive = 1

    disablecrccws_only_for = 0500:032830,030B00,042820;1811:003311,003315;1819:00006D

    group = 1

    emmcache = 1,1,3,1

    dropbadcws = 1

    cccversion = 2.3.0

    cccmaxhops = 1

    cccreshare = 0

    audisabled = 1

    I experience little difference between oscam and ncam.
    Sometimes oscam quick to open a channel, sometimes it is NCAM.

    I mostly use 0.8W- 4.8E-13E and 19E. (Nordic channels)

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    Opendroid-6.7 _Mut@nt HD51 4K _18.10.2018

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    The image 6.7 is build on the New OE-Alliance 4.2 branch

    New version 6.7 is much more complete with the new OPD-Multiboot, we have created a structure enigma2 different from the previous version!

    the image is lighter and faster! Several bugs have been fixed, and the structure is oriented to always be at the cutting edge of technology!

    the new 6.7 leaves version 6.6 behind that now with this new version is obsolete! good test to all !!!

    Thanks all the Betatesters who helped build this gem. Without them we will never be able to publish something new!

    in particular we thank Formiano, gimsy, GioppyGio,adam41259, raffsif, stein17 and finally we thank many others of the staff and all those who support their contributions every day to keep this project OpenDroid Magic!

    OpenATV 6.3 Beta Publik_23.10.2018

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    Enigma2 from openatv 6.2 / 6.3 is identical.

    The substructure (tools, libraries, how to build them) has been updated on a current open-embedded (OE).

    Python seems to run much faster (build optimization) - especially benefit from weaker boxes that are a bit better to use again.

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    OpenNFR-6.2 -Mut@nt HD51 4K -Oktober 2018

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    What's new:

    EasySetup: Our new EasySetup is available in both the Setup Wizard and the Info Panel.
    Support for Dinobot 4K Plus, Dinobot 4K Mini and Octagon SF8008

    What is EasySetup?

    In the EasySetup we have summarized the most important settings in a menu,
    which otherwise have to be controlled manually via the individual menus.
    With our EasySetup we want to make the initial setup of your receiver as easy as possible for the users.

    If the full backup created by EasySetup in the StartWizard is flashing, the start wizard will appear,

    All settings are already available.

    The list can of course be extended if necessary and / or useful suggestions.

    We do not see suggestions regarding softcams as such


    2. Default Skin Smoke

    Various receivers: driver or kernel updates

    Various translations

    OpenVix 5.2.005 release 28.10.2018

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    openvix: release 5.2.005

    [hlsdl_git] remove AUTOREV as last commit does not compile right now.
    Revert "[hlsdl] replace aes with aes_openssl file"
    Revert "fix typo last commit"
    Revert "[hlsdl] fix build add -Wdeprecated-declarations"
    [hlsdl] fix build add -Wdeprecated-declarations
    fix typo last commit
    [hlsdl] replace aes with aes_openssl file
    [sf8008] update drivers fix mis support - remove extra_depends="enigma2" The package-dependency to enigma2 is not necessary if there is no build dependency recquired. The package enigma2 is always installed.
    [busybox] update mdev.conf to support more as 10 vtuner and fix hotplug event for emmc with more as 10 devices
    [openspa] enable bootlogo for i55plus
    [openspa] Add some files for EPG M+
    [sf8008] update drivers minor fixes with demux and epg event infos
    openvix: developer
    [wetekplay] Fix build
    [3rdparty] update
    [openeight] fix typo
    [openeight] moved old skin to feed
    [openeight] indentation correction
    [openeight] Set New default skin
    [openeight] Added smartlite skin
    [hd60] fix typo hdfastboot8gb
    openvix: developer
    [openbh] remove epgimportfilter
    vuplus] linux 3.15.5 add support dbbsky and t220 tuners Please login to see this picture. nikolasi for rework the patches
    rt wifi fix patch wrong line endings
    [sf8008] update drivers fix diseqc motor and usals
    [osmio4k] switch to linix 4.19 Fixed satip-client issue Minor bug fixes and improvements
    [edision] osninopro update drivers
    [dinobot] update drivers u5,u51, u52 * fix iptv issues * add zapping mode stil picuture/black screen
    [ceryon] update 7220s and 7225s, misc changes for new batch
    [dcube] add armv7a to arch.conf
    [dcube] remove unbuild rtl8812au
    [sf8008] fix ca descrambler
    [ViX DUO patch] fix clocktotext display format..
    [teamBlue] switch to PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"
    [3rdparty] update planerfs_9.33
    [linkdroid] update linkdroid-gst-amlavsink1
    [sf8008] update smartcard driver and fixed pip freeze problem.

    OPENSPA 7.3.002 release

    What is New

    - New support Edision OS Nino Pro

    - New drivers Amiko A5.

    fix a/v sync

    - New drivers Amiko Viper Combo

    Fix CA

    - New drivers Qviart Lunix and Lunix3 4k

    Fix EPG Movistar+ issue.

    Fix hbbtv close issue (only Lunix3 4k)

    - New drivers Dinobot 4k and 4k+.

    add hdmi-cec

    add blindscan support

    optimizie zapping speed

    disable smooth play after zapping live channels

    linux wifi fix wpa issue

    - New drivers OS Nino, OS Nino plus and OS Nino Pro.

    fix audio selection

    - New drivers Vuplus Uno4k, Uno4k se and Ultimo 4k

    Support dual DVB-T2 tuner

    - New drivers Zgemma H9.

    Support rc21 and rc25 remotes

    Optimise stream record

    - HDMI-CEC and Flashonline improvements.

    - Increased number of tuners in Customize skin MetrixJR (now you can choose up to 20).

    - Sthetic improvements in skin spa24HD, MetrixJRSD and MetrixJR.

    - Fix picon downloads in Extra Panel.

    - New displays available for download for displays of 800px (Ultimo 4k), 480px (Solo4k) and 400 (Uno 4k SE, GB Quad 4k)

    - Fix duration on the infobar screen.

    - Improvements in Spanish and Catalan translations.

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    PKT Hyperion 6.2 svn3890

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    Downloads for the Dream Multimedia DM500 HD

    Please see this Please login to see this link. about the termination of official OpenPLi support for Dreambox STB’s.

    Please note that these images are made for genuine Dream Multimedia hardware. They will NOT work on cloned or fake hardware, and when you do install it on a non-genuine box, you are likely to brick it.

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    CHANGELOG 7.3.001

    - New Core OE-Alliance 4.2, basado en OpenEmbedded: Roko de Diciembre de 2017. More important changes :

    Libc6 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6

    Openssh 7.4 -> 7.6

    Busybox 1.24 -> 1.27
    Samba 4.4.16 -> 4.6.7
    Openssl 1.02k -> 1.0.2m
    Nfs Util 1.28 -> 2.1.1
    Dropbear 2016.74 -> 2017.75
    Bitbake 1.33 -> 1.37
    Gcc 6.3.0 Memleak fixe

    - New drivers Gigablue 4k

    Update drivers to new BCM SDK
    add opengl Support
    add Kodi Support
    add Chrome-WEB Browser
    add Youtube.TV
    add Bluetooth Audio Support (need optional BCM Bluetooth USB Adpater)
    add QT HBBTV Support
    add Support for new Gigablue DVB-S2X Single and Dualtuner with Multistream
    update LCD modes to only support regular modes (no more pip in lcd)
    Info: Quadpip at the moment only supports 1080i and 2160p as video resolution (the fix to support 720p and 1080p is coming later)
    remove support of 480 and 576 video resolution - new BCM SDK dropped that
    Gigablue fix AC3+ passthrough and add new ac3plus-modes

    - New drivers Zgemma H9

    fix pcm audio issue

    - New drivers Zgemma (all models)

    add si2166b tuner support

    - New drivers Edision OS Nino

    fix jump keys

    - New drivers Dinobot 4k

    fix iptv
    fix osd double buffer
    fix usb key
    fix teletext fhd paintion to slow
    update DVB-C fix issue for Portugal users
    fix issue openwebif grab only OSD with service picture
    fix issue, remotechannelstreamconverter

    - New drivers Qviart Lunix3 4k

    fix tuner b ci issue

    update 7252 driver image for tsmux

    - New support to Amiko A5 Combo and Amiko Viper Combo boxes.

    - New skin LCD for VU+ Ultimo 4k. Thanks to elduque

    - Added adam59 picon to Panel Extra.

    - Added openSPA updates wizard to spaPANEL menu.

    - Fix transparency issue in File Explorer.

    - Add german translation of our plugins. Thanks to ardilla99

    - New bootlogo y new OpenSPA logo design. Thanks to tsnm.

    - Update HDMI CEC

    - Fix MyTube issue with some videos