Viasat Black 0940

  • I have activated a Viasat black 0940 card in a HD receiver, went well. Now I have inserted the card in my smargo reader and running Mgcamd.

    All Viasat channels (SD channels) is decoded OK but they freze every 10th second and the lenght of the freeze is aprox 3 sec. I have read that I should activate the card in a SD receiver, but did not have any.. The Entitlement do not seams to update, but all channels are decoded. Any suggestions ?
    NEWCS/Mgcamd 1.38c

  • What kind of box do you have?

    Did not think it worked with the card paired with the hd tuner.

    Have you tested other cams? What about the old mgcamd 1.35A.

    Also try oscam ......

    sd channels are soon ending for all viasat cards:(

  • THX 4 reply !
    Box does not matter I have tried DM500HD and Vu+DuO2
    No other cams tested yet, feels like there's only some irritating setting that needs to be change in newcs.xml or mg_cfg

    The old Viasat card worked without any problems.
    I will look into oscam

  • OK, sounds gr8. But all my channels work (except HD) but they freeze so "in my world" this should be a setting/timing issue..
    I would like to know if someone have had this issue with Viasat 0940 cards.. Before I try all other ways..

  • Which image are you using on the duo 2 ? I can make you an oscam ipk that has configs included for viasat and newcamd configured for mgcamd.

  • That would be greate :)

    I use black hole on the DUO and I use openpli on my DM500HD
    So you think Oscam is the way to go.. thought that I was so close with this setup..

  • Put the card in the duo2 and use the attached oscam emu.

    Add CWS line to DM500HD CWS = ip.address.of.duo2 34001 username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    Change ip.address.of.duo2 to the real ip address of the duo2.