PurE2 v6.2 - 10th May 2018 - with working mgcamd

  • Cannot link the image directly for download as they have an anti-leech installed but here is the directory link where you can then download the image from...

    Big bonus, it has a working mgcamd, probably the only DM900 image out there with working mgcamd too. Cccam2.3.2 also working. Oscam and some others also there but not tested them personally.

    Login: root

    Pswd: pure2

  • Can confirm also that Oscam working really well on this image.

    Plugins like vhannibal settings and isettinge2 work as normal, was hard to even get them installed on near all other dm900 images out there.

    For anyone else that has a dm900 or might get one in the future, to me anyway this is the best image available.