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  • Nothing wrong with experimenting dniestre. It's your box and you can do what you like. But what is the point of a mini me infobar that doesn't actually show any info. Seems a bit pointless to me, not knowing start and finished times and not having a mini summary. Maybe I am just used to normal infobars.

    In my country we have a provider with an infobar skin like that in the official box - it was like a challenge to me. By the way i like small, clean and simple infobars.


    I quite like that, would probably look nicer if you had stream information next to the timeline bar though.

  • MOD super slim infobar v2:

    1. infobar with picon, progress bar, clock, starting time, remaining time and (running) event name, channel name and icons;

    2. the (running) event description was moved to second infobar;

    3. next event and start time in second infobar;

    4. it was tested only with 220 x 132 picons.

    Coy the files to "/usr/share/enigma2/slyk-q-1080/"


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